Dana Wilkey Indicted On Fraud Charges


When Dana Wilkey appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she didn’t shy away from letting everyone know she spent $25,000 on sunglasses. But according to a new report, Wilkey has been indicted on several fraud charges!

RealityTea reports that this June, Wilkey was charged with six counts of wire fraud, aiding and abetting and one count wire fraud conspiracy in connection to a fraudulent Blue Shield health insurance kickback scheme.

The Irish Times reports that Dana and two other Blue Shield employees, Skylar and Lissa Phoenix, entered into a “fraudulent marketing contract” between Blue Shield and Adwil Agency, which “included the regular payment of undisclosed kickbacks from Dana to Skylar Phoenix, Lissa Phoenix, and Rodeo Pink, a shell corporation held by and for the benefit of Skylar Phoenix.”

The indictment states that “between in or about February 2006 through at least February 2012, Dana Wilkey, through Adwil Agency accounts, paid directly to Lissa Phoenix, Skylar Phoenix, and Rodeo Pink, approximately 87 checks totalling approximately $360,000 in illegal and undisclosed kickbacks related to Adwil Agency’s business with Blue Shield.”

US attorney Melinda Haag and FBI special agent David Johnson state that Dana was part of an alleged “conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud and aiding and abetting, and false statements to government agents.”

Wilkey has been charged with one count of “wire fraud conspiracy”, and six counts of “wire fraud, aiding and abetting.”

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10 Replies to “Dana Wilkey Indicted On Fraud Charges”

  1. Can Bravo pick ’em or what?! Seems like the US Attorney and or FBI should hire Bravo to cast these “reality stars”….

  2. When is it EVER socially acceptable to brag about how much you spent for something?

    Her dumb-ass “games” party. Poor seating and lack of “party planning.”

    The RH’s franchise is an FBI sting operation….allegedly….reportedly etc. IMO.

    Don’t like her…wouldn’t want as a friend. Too phony.

  3. LOL this is her moment to do interviews about how hard it is for her life to be “dragged through the press”. that’s all she really wants anyways right??

  4. Don’t forget she’s a good friend of Taylor *FORD* Armstrong Bluher’s too. And Taylor herself almost got thrown into the joint for scamming people. But, of course it was “all Russell’s doing.”

  5. Not surprising at all. This chick was a dingbat with a capital DING!!!!!! She tried so hard to get on the HW show but Bravo requires an IQ of at least 12 right?
    It’s sad she obviously could not sell her 1 million dollar diamond encrusted lollipop. Insurance scams puss me off the cost of medical insurance is so high and because if people like her some people and families will go without. You moron Dana

  6. Let’s not forgot what an obnoxious as$ kisser she was. If Kyle had stopped real quick Dana’s head would have come off.

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