Dana Cody Opens Up About Her Relationship With Aviva’s Father George Teichner


Last week on The Real Housewives of New York City, Aviva Drescher’s father George proposed to his 25 year-old girlfriend, Dana Cody. Now, Cody is speaking to The Dish about her relationship with Drescher’s father, her wedding plans and speculation that she is a gold digger.

How was your experience filming on Housewives and meeting the family for the first time?
It was pretty fun! It was my first time meeting Aviva and her co-workers and friends as well. It was nerve-wracking but the ladies are cool.

Were you nervous about Aviva’s response to your engagement?
Are you kidding me? I was extremely nervous! I was thinking, ‘She’s going to rip me a new one!’ But she was so welcoming and she embraced me. I was more comfortable than I expected to be.

How did you and George meet?
He came in for a mani-pedi at my salon and asked one of the staffers for a pedicure. I practice more acrylic art and was focused on working in the back, doing the books, advertising, promotion. But when he came in he had to wait so I ended up doing his manicure. He didn’t say much and when I was done I asked if he was satisfied and he said, ‘It’s ok. You need a little practice! Who’s the owner of this place?’ And I told him I was the owner and that he insulted me. And then we had a back and forth…

Did he ask you out on a date?
He didn’t. He told me he could help me with my business and would like to do some investment and partnerships. Our first meeting was a lunch meeting and it went from there. He asked me to dinner. And then our relationship went to a more personal level.

How is your relationship with Aviva these days?
We’re in a great place! We were just in New York two weeks ago and we stayed at her place. We get along really well. We email and text back and forth a lot. And I get along with her children too!

How’s your business going?
My business in Miami is going well. I opened it with my mom before she passed away—it was a family business. I’m carrying my mother’s dream. And in January I expanded to Los Angeles. It’s a members only salon and I have a lot of VIPs. I have the kind of clientele that likes privacy. They can come in, have drinks, talk s—, and it’s all confidential. We’re open 24 hours! And people come in at all hours!

What do you say to critics who are skeptical of your relationship with George?
George and I love each other and it’s quite rare that you find a cultural and age difference and people can find peace and happiness with themselves and each other. This is not a gold digger situation. I love him, he loves me. He respects my past and what I’ve been through. He nurtures me and builds me and helps me become a more strong and independent individual. Despite his fun and sometimes perverted ways, I appreciate the hard work he’s put into this world. If you find someone you love, love transcends everything!

How is wedding planning going?
We’ve talked about it. I’m such a soul-to-the-earth individual. George and I…we could just go to a courthouse and get married! Actually, Aviva came here and asked about wedding planning and I said we could just go to the ocean or our backyard if we have to. But she wants to collaborate. So I’m meeting with her this month to talk about what we’d like to do. People have to realize that even when you’re on Reality TV, sometimes people get fixated on doing it for the public. But George and I want to do this for ourselves.

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  1. I hate these puff piece interviews! Why didn’t you ask her the truth about the beauty queen-Dana-George three way? I’ll bet anything it didn’t happen and it would be nice if she confirmed it. George would then have to decide whether he wants to call her a liar or admit he’s the liar. And why isn’t this lie a problem for her? I want to know the interesting stuff, not the pat answers to pat questions like, “Were you nervous to meet Aviva?”

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