Cynthia Bailey’s Assistant, Carlton Morton, Speaks Out About Kenya Moore!

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 premiere, Kenya Moore was invited by Cynthia Bailey to help judge a casting for JET Magazine at The Bailey Agency. Cynthia was less than pleased by Kenya’s behavior towards the models and in front of the representatives from JET. Now, Cynthia’s assistant, Carlton (who Kenya referred to as “bitch”) is speaking out about what happened, and Kenya’s behavior.

Carlton recently spoke with The Baltimore Sun and explains he has worked at The Bailey Agency since the day it opened, and he is proud of how far it has come! He adores Cynthia and says she is one of his biggest supporters, and that they are like family.

So what did Carlton think of Miss Kenya at the casting? When asked if he had previously met Kenya prior to the casting, Carlton said, “Who? Kenya Moore? I had no previous interaction with Kenya prior to the incident at the casting for JET.  I’m sure I would’ve been even more disappointed had I known her prior to that day.”

As far as Kenya’s remarks to the models, Carlton says, “My initial thought was “Who invited this lady to be a judge and why is she speaking in such a tone?” There was no reason for her to go in on the aspiring models.  I can understand a constructive comment but to be delusional enough to think you are higher than someone else is reaching.”

Carlton also explains how he felt when Kenya called for her security, saying, “I honestly thought maybe he was her neighbor or something. I don’t think ANYONE who is unrecognizable should need a security guard. But if you’re scary, go for it. What happened that day should never happen at a casting. True industry professionals always give constructive criticism. Anyone who does the opposite is most likely bitter, thirsty, insecure, or all of the above. Possums never blossom.”

Carlton also speaks about how Cynthia handled the situation, “Cynthia diffused the situation by calming everyone down and putting her foot down in a respectful way. I think her timing was great and she handled the situation with class.”

Tell Us- Whose side are you on, Carlton or Kenya?

Photo Credit: Bravo