Cynthia Bailey Thinks Tammy McCall-Browning Unfairly Judged Sheree


Cynthia Bailey is dishing on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a brand new interview with Bravo. Bailey shares her thoughts on Tammy’s fight with Sheree and admits that her friend unfairly judged Whitfield. Check out what else Cynthia had to say below. Were you excited to have a girls’ trip do-over?
Cynthia Bailey:
I was very excited about the girls’ trip “do over.” Especially in Miami! I was looking forward to putting all the Lake Lanier drama behind me. It was really thoughtful of Kenya to go out of her way to plan the Lake Lanier outing, on my behalf, to lift my spirits. A “do over” with Kenya and Porsha planning it together (after everything they have been through) was confirmation for me that Porsha and I could definitely move our relationship forward in a positive direction. I welcomed the opportunity. What was going through your mind when Sheree confronted Tammy?
In my opinion, the issues between Tammy and Sheree were so old that they could easily have been squashed in a grown “woman-to-woman” conversation. Not to mention that Sheree and Bob have moved on and are not even together anymore. I felt like Tammy unfairly judged Sheree without really knowing her, and only had one side of the story. As I said at dinner, I think Tammy was just coming from a place of protection for her friend. Were you surprised seeing Kim break down during the trip?
My family is my world, and my first priority. However, I agree with Phaedra that you don’t want to lose yourself in motherhood and marriage. As a mother and a wife myself, I love me some “Cynthia Time” to balance, refresh, and reboot. It doesn’t mean that I love my family any less. I have nothing but respect for Kim and her marriage. I just thought the girls’ trip was a great opportunity for her to kick back, relax, and have some fun. It was sad to see her upset.

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