Cynthia Bailey Talks About Her Relationship With Her Ex Leon Robinson


RHOA star Cynthia Bailey had a lovely catch up dinner with her ex and daughter’s father Leon Robinson during this week’s episode of the show. Bailey opened up to Leon about what she was going through in divorcing Peter Thomas. I think it’s safe to say a lot of the members of the audience would like to see Cynthia end up back with Leon. Were you surprised when Noelle said she wanted to go to college in LA?
Cynthia Bailey:
Noelle and I moved from New York City to Atlanta almost ten years ago. Although Atlanta is home, Noelle spends a lot of time in LA and New York with her dad, who is bicoastal. I always hoped that Noelle would move back to New York to go to college, because it is our home away from home, and only a two hour flight from Atlanta. On the other hand, I also love LA, and I spend quite a bit of time there for business. I am excited for Noelle to go to college in LA, if that ends up being where she decides to go. I always assumed it would be one or the other, so I wasn’t really that surprised. I just want her to be successful and happy. Why did you decide to let Noelle be the face of your CARGO line? Did she meet your expectations?
I decided to make my daughter Noelle the face of CARGO because she is a beautiful, smart, and well rounded young lady. She is a younger version of me, and appeals to a more youthful demographic. Noelle is the perfect choice to represent the Cynthia Bailey brand. She has expressed an interest in modeling, and I will do everything I can to support her. The LA CARGO launch and the reveal was a huge success. Noelle did an amazing job. She has a very promising career ahead of her. I am very proud of her. Has Leon been a source of support to you during the divorce?
Leon has always been very supportive of me, and anything that involves my happiness. Not only is he Noelle’s dad, he is my friend. I can always depend on his love and support.

Peter definitely wasn’t happy when he watched the scene. He posted a video of the scene on Instagram, captioning it, ‘Wow,’ but then later deleted it.

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16 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Talks About Her Relationship With Her Ex Leon Robinson”

  1. I love Leon! So much of a better catch than Peter

    I bet Peter didn’t like it because Leon is a prime example of how you should treat your wife

    Bye Patricia

    1. Cynthia has the unfortunate rep of being a fashion industry version of Julia Roberts’ character in “Runaway Bride”. Yet another reason why many were shocked that Peter Thomas managed to lasso her ’round the ankles & get her to the alter.

  2. Leon does not seem to have any relationships publicized other than his one past relationship with Cynthia and he has the one child with her only. There are always rumors about his sexuality, but no one has said anything for sure.
    I think it is great that he has always been so supportive of Cynthia, and is a caring father to Noelle. He seems like a nice man.

    1. He’s a pretty well-liked guy and I think the two of them have done an excellent job of co-parenting Noelle. I have heard the occasional rumor as well, but I don’t put too much stock in them, as Tattletale Syndrome in ‘Black Hollywood’ is quite rampant and it’s impossible to keep “down low” sexual activities on the actual “down low”. Some random lover, limo driver, escort, hotel employee (or one of their loose lipped relatives dying to spill the beans) would have tipped off urban gossip gurus like B. Scott or there would have been a confession somewhere in the anals of Lipstick Alley by now.

      But to be honest, I have to admit (rather embarrassingly) that in my community any time a man of public interest manages to stay out of trouble and stay relatively wholesome, his sexual orientation is always questioned in the gossip rags or by ne’er-do-wells . Last season and the way Kenya Moore attacked Tootie’s husband was the perfect example of this phenomenon: I thought it was so disgraceful, because it showed how in modern society, there’s so little familiarity with , or respect & appreciation for good guys who stand by their women ,or elevate both relationship and family, so then the go-to attack is to belittle them or tear them down by questioning their “true” “manhood”…. hence, the spectacle Moore tried to make of Fields’ husband, and the one or two whispers through the years about Leon. But I don’t put much stock into the nonsense since there has yet to be a single receipt produced and I know how ruthless the urban tabloid media can be.

      Oh well, while Leon and Cynthia chose not to marry or remain together in a committed relationship, it is at least refreshing to see two mature adults behave like, well, adults. We don’t usually get to see men & women on sync in these shows, lol .

      1. Yes, I agree. If he was in the down low for any period, there would be more gossip out there. Maybe he just never got over Cynthia and chose the single life instead of getting hurt, maybe.
        I love seeing Leon with Cynthia. They are refreshing as you stated, and it would be nice if they could make it work, but Cynthia is just friends with him.
        To see a father be that attentive to his child and to the mother of his child after a breakup is really so nice. I like that he told her he felt her marriage to Peter was somewhat rushed. Cynthia wanted to “prove them (naysayers like her mom and sis) wrong” but in the end, she did not do that at all. Peter never deserved her in the first place…and she looks so much better with Leon IMO.
        Oh Cynthia, sweetie, your little girl looks like her dad in a female. Sorry, but she does not really look like her mom. She is 5′ 5″ of pretty young lady. 😉

          1. I can totally relate. I’m 6-9 hours ahead of folks in the States, so when you’re all sleeping deee–ply, I’m starting my day over here struggling to get my coffee fix, too, lol.

            1. Well, your typing/keyboarding is better than most even so. 🙂
              I do need my morning coffee, or I am not myself.
              It is nighttime where you are. Guten Nacht. Ciao for now, anyway.

        1. Noelle is the spitting image of Leon. When she said that Noelle was the spitting image of her, folks in the audience did a collective eye roll across every land watching and laughed, “Nice Try, Cyn!” If Leon could burp a baby into existence – out would pop little Noelle looking just like him, lol.

          Agreed about the Peter-Cynthia pairing: Peter has definitely seen better days in terms of his career, social stature, and “aesthetic”, but even so I never saw them as “evenly yoked”. You know, there was a model in the generation before Cynthia who later became a popular restauranteur/lifestyle guru named B. Smith, and she married a man named Dan Gasby who became her partner in all her business endeavors. I always looked at Cynthia and Peter as a (potential) younger version that couple, but looking back in comparison, when he married, Mr. Gasby was so much further along in terms of stability than Peter, where as I see Cynthia and Ms. Smith as cut from the same cloth, with the same gifts.

          I know to a lot of the younger generation today it may sound corny, but for those watching a show so popular with the younger demographic – I hope they can take from it that there is something to be said for being in a relationship with somebody who you are on the same page with. Peter’s a handsome guy with a lot of drive to keep getting up and trying no mater what, but they’re in two different lanes.

          1. ITA Bon Vivant.
            Leon said nothing when Cynthia said that Noelle looked like her. I was talking to the TV, saying, No way Cynthia.

            Cynthia is gorgeous, a natural beauty, and so great at all that she does, and I am sure she always had and has men at her feet, wanting her. She and Peter just were not suited for one another, though clearly she was and still is to some degree, in love with him. She fell head over heels for him.

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