Cynthia Bailey Talks About Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan’s Relationship

Cynthia Bailey showed up to ex Peter Thomas grand opening of his new club named, Club One without being invited.

She showed up because she wanted to support Kenya Moore who was emceeing the nights events. Matt Jordan started sending text messages to Kenya Moore, and then things got more heated in the parking lot.

According to Cynthia it was just as bad watching it during the episode as it was live in person. “It was very concerning. He was very upset, and Kenya was upset. I was just really concerned about what an unhealthy turn the whole relationship has taken,” Cynthia told The Daily Dish. “I was just glad I was there to support her, because she was very, very upset.”

Now that Kenya and Matt are no longer together Cynthia says, “It’s crazy, because I like Matt. I’ve always rooted for Matt,” Cynthia explained. “But it got to a point where I couldn’t even root for him anymore because I just felt like it took such an unhealthy turn for both of them, not just for Kenya, for both of them.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo


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