Cynthia Bailey Speaks About Peter Going On Wendy Williams; Was Concerned For Kenya Moore

Cynthia Bailey is talking about this week’s episode of RHOA in a new interview with Bravo. Bailey says that she was concerned about her friend Kenya’s volatile relationship with Matt Jordan. Cynthia also shares her thoughts about Peter’s appearance on Wendy Williams. What did you think about Matt’s issue with Kenya’s Instagram post?
Cynthia Bailey:
I didn’t see anything wrong with Kenya’s Instagram post. It was a throwback — part of her history, and before his time. There was nothing inappropriate about it. I thought that Matt’s reaction was a bit childish and immature. Were you surprised by what Peter said on Wendy Williams?
No, I was not surprised. I knew he was upset that I mentioned we were moving forward with our divorce in an interview for Cynthia Bailey Eyewear and Cargo. In that moment, I was just speaking my truth. We had already been separated for months, and that was the direction the relationship was going. I honestly didn’t think at that time that I was saying anything that wasn’t already out there or was breaking news. Unfortunately, it ended up being the headliner for the article instead of my Cynthia Bailey Fashion Accessories. Everyone picked up the story, and it was everywhere. I would have been completely fine with making the announcement together with Peter. I actually would have preferred to do it that way as well. I was a little disappointed that he felt blindsided and felt the need to go on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss our situation specifically. I will always have love and respect for Peter. It was never my intention to hurt him. Did you enjoy the tasting for Kandi’s restaurant?
The food at Kandi’s OLG tasting was awesome! My favorites were the fried chicken and the banana pudding dessert. What went through your mind when Kenya called you about Matt acting out?
I don’t ever like to hear any of my girlfriends crying and upset. Kenya is a very strong woman, so when she breaks down and cries about anything, it really upsets me. I was very concerned about her.

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2 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Speaks About Peter Going On Wendy Williams; Was Concerned For Kenya Moore”

  1. I don’t watch Wendy Williams though she is a Jersey girl and was raised not too far from where I live. I feel she is way too opinionated for a talk show host. She loves or hates with no in between, and I just think it is not right when you take sides so quickly without hearing both sides of a story.
    I did not watch Peter on the WW show, but I have never been a fan of Peter. Rather than wish Cynthia well and still be a friend, he seems like he will do the opposite. Cynthia is trying to be good about this divorce, and she wants Peter as a friend. She has a great relationship with her daughter’s father, and she wants that with Peter too.
    Sorry, Cynthia, but Peter will love you or not. He is not the kind to be nice if he is not getting anything in return. That is my take on it. He won’t be bothered. He will even be jealous of her success on her own.
    It is his loss however, and not Cynthia’s, since she is the better person in that relationship and always was in my opinion.

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