Cynthia Bailey Shocked When the FEDs Showed Up at Her House


Cynthia Bailey is talking about the FEDs showing up at her house to collect Apollo Nida’s belongings in a new interview with Bravo. Bailey explains that when Apollo asked Peter to keep his car at their house, at the time there was no reason to say no. What was going through your mind when Noelle and Leon walked in on you giving Peter a massage?
Cynthia Bailey:
I was surprised and mortified when Noelle and Leon walked in on me giving Peter a massage. I’m sure they were as well! Needless to say, the “happy ending” portion of the massage had to be canceled and rescheduled for another time. Were you shocked when the FEDs showed up to claim Apollo’s things?
I think most people would be shocked if the FEDs turned up on their door step! When Peter was asked by Apollo several years ago to leave his car at our house for a couple of days, there was no cause for Peter not to agree. At that time, Peter and I were not aware of any reason why this action would later warrant a visit from the FEDs. What did you think of Kenya’s Grinch costume?
I thought Kenya’s Grinch costume was “gone with the wind fabulous” and the makeup was incredible! I love her sense of humor. She is not afraid to make fun of herself, be silly, and goofy. Kenya is hilarious.

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  1. Suze, I agree and I’m leaning toward both dumb and dumber in addition to being dishonest about how the Feds came to be on their doorstep. Do they watch the show?! All last season Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter blindly supported Apollo and trashed Phaedra. So if I was a Fed and I couldn’t find property at his estranged wife’s house, where am I going to look next: family and friends. ESPECIALLY friends that admit to having his stuff ON TV!

  2. Apollo, Peter and Todd hung out together in the strip clubs morning, noon and night Todd and Peter knew very well that they were hiding Apollo’s junk from the feds. Bunch of really stupid men, although I shouldn’t use the word men they act note like toddlers.

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