Cynthia Bailey Says She Will Never Get Married Again; Working On Finalizing Divorce From Peter Thomas


After six years of marriage, Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are divorcing and Bailey says she doesn’t plan on ever marrying again.

“I will always love Peter and have his back,” she told Us Weekly. “There was a lot of internal unhappiness. I wasn’t at peace.”

Bailey explains that she always put her daughter Noelle first. “Peter never felt like he was my No. 1 priority,” she explained. “He was right. She was.”

“I couldn’t give up Cynthia Bailey to be Cynthia Bailey Thomas,” she said. “I was in love with Peter, but I’m just not wife material. I will never be in a relationship again where it will take a lawyer for me to walk away. I will never marry again.”

However, the exes still get along. They recently spent time together in Hawaii while filming RHOA. Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker invited Thomas along.

“Hawaii was the first time Peter and I have hung out since we separated,” she shared. “I think Kandi was hoping for a love reconnection.”

But the former couple are hoping to finalize their divorce before January. “We had no children together, so what’s his is his and what’s mine is mine,” she said in regards to a prenup.

But dating isn’t out of the question. “There’s something very scary about turning 50 and being by yourself,” she said. “I just have to believe everything will be OK.”

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5 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Says She Will Never Get Married Again; Working On Finalizing Divorce From Peter Thomas”

  1. He has always been a con artist. Why so many bars? Why hasn’t any been a success. When he went to another city, I knew then it was over. Remember the picture of him groping that woman? Lol

    1. You are right Lolo nothing more than a con artist. He can’t seem to stay off the show though. Maybe he cooked up this storyline so Cynthia would have a storyline and continue to stay on the show.

    2. He’s had other ventures prior to RHoA that were fine. Peter’s main talents and previous success lie within the music industry (on the business side) and working in publishing. But with digital media dismantling the traditional structures of both of those industries, he like many people of a certain age, clearly wanted to branch into something else. Peter has also been very active in club and party promoting some 20 years prior to this (he used to have his hands dibbling and dabbling in New York and South Beach when I was younger and into the nightlife scene), so I’m guessing he wanted parlay that into restaurant success since it involves hospitality- but even Forbes will tell you, 90% of new businesses fail and restaurants are especially problematic. Atlanta and the way they run things there is another issue entirely. In any event, at least the restaurant he has in Charlotte is doing well, so hopefully that will continue.

      After coming from a place where he did have it quite cushy for a while, even though he’s having trouble for the last 5 years I would rather see someone try and try again to get on their feet and get something going, vs. sitting at home and never having the balls to get up and just try, even if they fail. Restaurants are very difficult undertakings. I wouldn’t doubt that since a lot of the success in Charlotte is on the strength of his connection to the show that it’s not a problem for Cynthia to include him in filming; both as a storyline, and as a practical way to help someone she loves, but clearly doesn’t want to be married to.

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