Cynthia Bailey Reveals Why Her Marriage Is Still Hard


We have seen Cynthia Bailey struggle with her marriage on this season of RHOA. Although she seems to have worked through the rough patch with her husband Peter Thomas, Bailey reveals in a new interview that her and her husband are in a bad place again.

“Peter and I are doing okay,” she told OK! Magazine. “He spends really most of his time in Charlotte at Sports One. I am between Atlanta, New York and LA. It’s not easy because we are really in a long distance relationship.”

“It’s definitely not the ideal situation to be in,” she admitted. “It’s kind of nice—no matter how busy you are—to sleep in the same bed at night.”

“I would say we were actually with each other on a good month, maybe five days a month… maybe one week out of the month,” Bailey confessed. “That’s where we are at now and maybe it’s the past three months it’s been like that.”

It seems their careers have just driven them apart.

“Again, when you are married, you do have to make certain sacrifices, especially when you are both entrepreneurs and we’ve both been successful,” Bailey explained. “We want to remain successful, so we are on our grind right now. So we have a little less time to actually grind [on] each other if you know what I mean.”

“Marriage is hard,” she said. “I think it’s definitely difficult when it’s long distance relationship, and at this point, it is a long distance relationship.”

But she hasn’t given up yet.

Are you surprised Cynthia and Peter are in troubled waters again? Comment below.

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10 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Reveals Why Her Marriage Is Still Hard”

  1. I’m not sure they are even together anymore but that’s just my thoughts, it’s just what I read here. I wouldn’t put up with a man like him for sure! I like respect from my husband!

  2. Patricia got his bachelor pad in NC on the Bank of Cynthia’s dime, he’s having a blast, meanwhile Cynthia sits around wondering why marriage is so hard. Patricia doesn’t seem to have a problem being around for filming such an ass!!

  3. I don’t recall any successes on Peter’s part, only failures for which he suffered no financial losses of his own, having no skin in the game. He had foolish old Cynthia bankrolling his nonsense so what if he lost HER money? No biggie . He is a thirsty little opportunist pestering Bravo for his own househo program….thank goodness that notion flew out the window when the only eyecandy of the bunch was sent to prison. Hi Apollo. As far as the video of Petie seductively stroking that woman in the bar, there was nothing innocent about THAT and although I won’t ever accuse Cynthia of being excessively bright, even she must know Shady Petie was up to no good…..on her dime just to add insult to injury.

  4. Poor Cynthia is working her tail off to fund Peter’s failures. He’s going to hang around as long as she’s willing to fund him and his business ventures. The day her money is gone, he will be, too. Sad.

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