Cynthia Bailey Reveals Why She Decided To Share Her Divorce On RHOA


Earlier this week RHOA star Cynthia Bailey was a guest host on The Real and she teased that we will see her divorce from Peter Thomas play out this season on the show. Bailey explained why the couple decided to be so open about their decision to split.

“Peter and I, we’ve always been very transparent in our relationship and that’s worked for and against us at the same time,” she said. “Just being on the show, I think it’s been important for us to just really keep it real, like you guys do.”

Cynthia said she expects she will have a hard time watching this season. “It’s kind of hard because we got married on the show — we’re the only couple that actually got married on The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and to have to go through a divorce on the show is not easy,” she said. “But I think the only thing more tragic than divorce is being in something that’s not working anymore.”

RHOA returns for Season 9 on Sunday, November 6 at 8/7c.

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26 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Reveals Why She Decided To Share Her Divorce On RHOA”

  1. This is funny..the only reason that they will play out the build up to divorce this season…IS FOR A PAYCHECK!!! I don’t begrudge that, but let’s call it like it is. lol. She is right that it is worse to be in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage, then it is to go through the pain of divorce.

    1. Agree, I don’t like either of these two they will always do whatever to stay on the show but as I don’t watch ATL anymore I don’t know why I’m commenting! Hey ho! I will shit up now! (For a change)!

      1. I had just heard on the news that a collage student was driving and attempted to take a top less pic of herself and ran into a cop car right before I read your comment so it was a double laugh

    1. That’s why my friend loves living there, although she is English she has lived in Houston for nearly thirty years.

      1. Houston can be a great place . I was born there and have lived in the area on and off my whole life . But have always been in Texas so I know nothing else

          1. Too bad maybe we would have met who knows . I’m off to work now even though Nancy thinks all we do is sit around and gossip all day

  2. She has nothing else to show…if it wasn´t for the divorce her presence in the show would be entirely irrelevant, but then ahain, the same can be said in regards to the other women. That show is beyond its shelf life

  3. Sorry don’t believe that at all. Cynthia has never had a storyline – she needs a storyline. Who knows this may all be for the show and then like Nene, they’ll get back together and have a big wedding. Then she’ll have 2 storylines!
    Happy Friday to all!

  4. Cynthia. So full of herself
    Stand corrected you WERE NOT THE ONLY COUPLE married on the show. Kandi and Todd had an amazing wedding (that wasn’t held on a bone yard)

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