Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Rumors Her Husband Peter Is Cheating


Cynthia Bailey is opening up about this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta in a new interview with Bravo. Bailey says she isn’t surprised NeNe walked out of the group’s therapy session and reacts to claims that her husband Peter is cheating on her. What was your reaction to Porsha and Phaedra saying they had dirt on you?
Cynthia Bailey: At this point I am never surprised to see these two ladies gossiping and speaking negatively about me. Lately I seem to be their favorite topic of conversation. What was going through your mind during the therapy session?
CB: I went into the Dr. Jeff therapy session with an open mind and an open heart. I had no problem addressing and taking ownership of anything negative that I may have brought to any situation or relationship. Therapy can be a very productive and positive experience when everyone involved is willing to take accountability for their actions and do the work. Were you surprised NeNe walked out?
CB: No, I was not. Why would I be? This seems to be the norm when she feels like things are not going her way.

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24 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Rumors Her Husband Peter Is Cheating”

  1. Seriously she is the one who wants to always “put it on the table” but when the TABLES are turned she isn’t liking it so much now is she? Maybe if she would shut the he)) up they would too. cant they have one show where there isnt so much BS.

  2. Peter and cynthia looked like fools trying to set pheadra up, Cynthia is a terrible actress, they couldn’t use a real name because the person doesn’t exist, but using the name chocolate, what stupid idiots! I’m not even a fan of Phaedra, however she does have awesome one liners! Why does Todd get stuck being called an opportunist when it’s peter that is! Crazy to me

  3. Hmmm, comparing Peter to apollo, I think Cynthia still wins! Pheadra has the nerve with her fat ass , after her strip club husband who is a convicted felon , made a fool out of her! She’s an attorney??? And married an ex con???? Really?????? Porscha needs to get back in the speci bus of find another closeted guy to marry! These 2 cows dont know what a good husband is , so please!

  4. Cynthia knows what a good husband is? Can u say opportunist? Those two need to be able to take what they dish out, they are so looking for a story to stay relevent! Their making stuff up and throwing it out there, these idiots need to be prepared to get it thrown back at them

  5. Cynthia is full of rotten garbage. She has tasted the bitter wine she served so generously to Phaedra. She is just like the company she keeps, she always was, but only now her nasty colors are showing. Thumbs down all the way for Cynthia. No respector of her at all.

    1. Phaedra married an ex con who was a strip club regular! Seriously star?? We are not holding apollo as the model husband , are we?? You’re a nene fan and you would’ve been fine with Cynthia had she still been NeNes friend :). Loyal fan you are. I think they’re all trashy attention whores. There are no winners ! So let’s not pretend some are better

      1. Certainly not Rain. Apollo is horrible & I cannot/will not EVER condone what he’s done. But, be fair, Phaedra always conducted herself like a lady & if she’s hitting back at Cynthia, she has not done any worse than Cynthia did. Infact, Cynthia should never have been the happy bearer of bad gossip. Never a right way to do a wrong thing & she did wrong anyway you blend it.

    2. Actually, Cynthia was more or less letting Phaedra know what gossip Apollo was spreading about her. She didn’t embellish anything that she heard and she and Peter aren’t the ones that “Mr Chocolate” originated from. So to that, she IS better than Porsha and Phaedra who were just mean spiritedly gossiping about Cynthia with no intention of letting Cynthia know what they had heard. As for Peter, I totally believe he is cheating on Cynthia (I also believe Phaedra has a Mr Chocolate, too). I think Cynthia is just trying to save face in her horrible decision to marry this opportunist and will defend him until she’s had enough.

  6. I think most people agree Apollo is where he should be. This is about Cynthia and peter being dirty, I think people should give it right back to them.

    1. The show is about chaos and ratchedness! Why is anybody surprised that these things come up??? This is not the Hallmark channel. Nobody is a victim or an angel. They’re all attention whores. If you don’t want people talking about your business DO NOT get in s reality show!! Duuuuuh

  7. Cynthia is just a glib liar. She has learned from Peter. She is a two-faced, fair weather kind of “friend.” She is so weak minded she mimics whoever she is around, and unfortunately, she is attracted to aggressive and arrogant azzholes. In fact she married one.

  8. Cynthia is an A-hole…period. She didn’t have any issues with Phaedra but because Kenya does she decided to “put it on the table” lol. All she did was make herself look like an idiot and a mean person. If Phaedra is having an affair, so what. None of big foot Cynthia’s business. Btw during that whole scenario at the table….did u notice how Claudia was smiling and laughing while Krusty Kenya was taking her jabs? Isn’t that the behavior Claudia was so disgusted with in Puerto Rico with Porsha?

    1. Phaedra is a cheating whore and her husband is s criminal! Porsha is DUMB! They are both as single as the other 2 girls! So if phaedra cheats ‘so what’ but not ok for Peter?? Pick a moral standard and stick to it

  9. Phaedra is a cheating whore and her husband is s criminal! Porsha is DUMB! They are both as single as the other 2 girls! So if phaedra cheats ‘so what’ but not ok for Peter?? Pick a moral standard and stick to it

  10. I hate Cynthia. She’s so fake and I hope she gets out of the housewives next season. She’s like RHOBH’s Brandi- fake and bossy.

  11. I watch the show cause I like cynthia,Kandi,and Phaedra…. it is too bad they are not true friends to one another they could be a force to recon with.. Peter loves Cynthia that is obvious but times get tough a lot of these men do not think with the head on their heads…

  12. Peter loves the fact that cynthia pay’s for his failed businesses, apolo,peter,Cynthia set Phaedra up. I don’t care for Phaedra but this was wretched of those losers to do.

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