Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Peter Thomas Cheating Video


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is responding to a video that was posted online of her husband Peter Thomas caressing another woman in the club.

“I wasn’t there,” Bailey told Atlanta radio station V-103. “I saw the video like everyone else. It seemed like he was kissing some identified woman on her cheek.”

“You know, when I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate… I don’t know if it’s grounds for divorce, but… I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things,” Bailey admitted. “I’m going to need him to be a little more careful with who he’s kissing on or looking like he’s kissing on or putting his hands on the neck or grazing their breast.. The neck thing was definitely a little weird.”

When asked about the woman’s identity, Cynthia said, “It’s someone that comes to the bar… I don’t know her, but Peter knows her.”

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22 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Peter Thomas Cheating Video”

  1. Seems like the only person surprised by this news is gonna be Cynthia.
    I like her, but girl, at least stop writing checks for that man.

  2. Cynthia was the only one surprised. Peter will try to deny it but stay strong. Apple got it right, stop writing checks for the man. He has no business kissing on anyone other than you. Creepy!

  3. That’s right Cynthia stick you head in the sand just like you do when he blows your money and hangs out in strip clubs. Wake up he is a PIG and a BUM!! This woman is so controlled I would not be surprised if her future story line turns to her being an abused woman.

  4. I don’t know why Cynthia seems to have such low self esteem.. It seems that way when she continues to stay with this disrespectful and not so nice man. He likes to spend her money too much too. She seems to like the bad boy types or something. She is so pretty, yet she turns a blind eye to a lot of what Peter has been doing all along, and she could do better. He doesn’t seem to love her nearly as much as she appears to love him.

    1. ITA-she keeps paying the bills for tgat idiot and then he steps out on her. All HER money will be gone and she’ll be left with nothing.

  5. KICK Him OUT!!!! Do not PUT up with him Cynthia!!!!!!! You are too good of a person to be with him! It WAS NOT On HER CHEEK that was SMACK on her LIPS Pretty harmless well Cynthia if it was my husband HE WOULD BE OUT the Fucken house And I am BROKE if I had money I would have left him LONG TIME AGO!!! HE IS A BITCH

  6. Why do some really successful woman stay with leaches, support them, write them checks, since they joined the show he has showed himself to b an unsuccessful leach, treat her like dirt, constantly doing sleazy things behind her back, that whole chocolate thing he made up was a front to keep her busy flapping her gums to the other woman, meanwhile he’s the one who is screwing around. WAKE UP

  7. Peter is trash. Opening up businesses and renting spaces for thousands of dollars without his wife even knowing about it, that’s enough reason to kick his stupid a** to the curb. This video is plain as day Cynthia, open ur eyes. Leave this trash bag and be an independent woman who can be without a sleazy man like Peter. I’ve never liked that phyco anyhow.

  8. My favorite. Women who make excuses for men who treat them poorly. Cynthia, girl, it’s not a matter of “IF” you’ll kick him to the curb, but “WHEN”. You know this in your heart. Get rid of him and move on. You have much more than many women in your position. Be a champion for women who are afraid to leave and have a greater calling!

  9. Watch out Cynthia, your sick husband is taking you for a ride. Cynthia is being used & if she cant see that, she’s as sick as he is. Why she accepts what she does is beyond me as he is definitely not worth it.

    1. And he isn’t even hood looking lIke Apollo was…. For crying out loud Cynthia if he look Fine we could understand but ugh…NO.

  10. I think she is fake and barely keeping her head above water financially. She remindes me of the mean girls from high school and that whole radio podcast or whatever was not very highly produced. Peter makes my skin crawl and any divorce proceedings would take years with some money from housewives in the mix. Maybe she is afraid of paying for Peter’s lawyer and her own like Bethenny from the NY franchise. It does seem that none of his business ventures ever make a profit before he closes them down and starts a new one without even telling her! He then does it while filming to back her into a corner. If she shows how freaked out she is he wants it to look like she doesn’t trust him. Even the way things are now for me, I wouldn’t think of making a contract for a huge amount of cash like a car! Talk about setting her up. I would be humiliated constantly being put on the spot like that in front of all of the viewers. Between a rock and a punk place.

  11. If this was cooked up for the show, she is a bigger fool then I originally thought. They really deserve each other. She has no back bone at all.

  12. She was laughing in the interview with the radio station, she said she wasn’t ready to burn his clothes but they would have a long talk with him. Either it’s for publicity or she’s really insecure. He is ALWAYS doing things behind her back and spending her money. Her mother and sister knew he was no good before they got married, even hid the marriage license. When she opened the Bailey Agency, she wanted to thank her husband, but he had left the building. I’m not a Cynthia fan but she deserves better than Peter.

    1. There’s the theory that this is a set up to keep both of them relevent on RHOA- since they don’t really have a storyline.

      1. The theory is probably true since she didn’t seem upset about it. Cynthia is usually riding someone’s coat tails. First Nene then Kenya. At the reunion she told Nene that she tried to take food off her table. Doesn’t she have the Bailey agency? Don’t they own Sports One and Bar One? She is a wimp allowing Petra to control her. Gregg doesn’t get involved in women’s business but Peter certainly does. While he was upset that Nene called him a bitch he told Cynthia not to befriend Nene, on the other side Gregg was telling Nene to try to work things out with Cynthia to be friends. Peter is a bitch.

  13. Never cared for Peter. Something about him doesn’t seem right. Especially when he told Cynthia about opening another business, & she had no clue.

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