Cynthia Bailey Proceeds With Her Divorce; Kenya Moore Throws a Housewarming Party


Season nine of the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered Sunday night and we were back with the cast that included Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, Shereé Whitfield, Kenya Moore, and Porsha Williams.

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield were still at war over their homes being completed and Cynthia Bailey was making the decision to continue divorce proceedings with her husband Peter Thomas

Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd are playing with their son Ace. “Ace has fulfilled my dreams of having another baby and if he is the last one I am ok with that,” she told the cameras. .

Kenya has moved into her new home even though it’s not completed yet. “With everything that is going wrong with my life right now, especially with me and Matt I am determined to get this right,” she confesses. “When we were in Mexico Matt didn’t know who I was texting. He checked my phone and got really angry. Then he started throwing my things all around the room and completely lost control. I broke up with him.”

Sheree is still working on her house just a few doors down from Kenya’s home with her ex-husband, Bob. “Bob and I are just friends. We are working on rekindling our friendship, but if he wants to win back my love he has a long way to go,” she tells the cameras.

Porsha pays Phaedra a visit when they are presented with an invitation to Kenya’s housewarming party.

“Peter and I have been living apart for about 5 months now,” Bailey confessed. “The last time we saw each other, I expressed my unhappiness in this marriage and my intentions to move forward in a different direction.”

“Peter and I never painted a picture that our marriage was perfect,” she continued. “My breaking point was last year. I just felt like, you know, this is it. There’s not going to be real change.”

Cynthia met with a divorce lawyer and discussed what steps she would need to “get through this with as much integrity and love as possible.” Bailey explained that it would be a simple divorce, as the couple had a prenup and no children together.

After meeting with her lawyer, she got emotional in her car. “Not living together is one thing,” she said. “But actually sitting down with the lawyer to discuss permanent options to not really be together for real is scary. Sh*t just got real.”

“It’s more me than him, I just want to move on,” Bailey added, explaining that if it were up to Peter, the two of them would still be together.

“It took me a long time to get married because I was very independent,” she said. “When I got married to Peter, he knew I was not the type of woman to just stay in something to be in something. Peter is built a little differently. He will stay in the relationship just to be in the relationship. And that just doesn’t work for me.”

Later in the episode, Bailey Facetimed her estranged husband. She described the call as awkward and Peter said it was the first time he had seen his wife in three months. “I remember saying that I don’t really want anything from you when the only thing I wanted from you was you,” he told her. “And I’m looking at your face and I haven’t seen it in a long time and I miss that face. It’s f*cked up.”

“Sometimes he can just be like, ‘Okay, I get it, let’s do this.’ And then another day it’s like, ‘You never tried, you just gave up.’ So it’s been a lot of ups and downs.”

But Cynthia was determined to make this phone call a good day with Peter. She asked him if he knew where the prenup was and promptly ended the call.

The day of Kenya’s housewarming, she is frantic about cosmetic issues of her home. When Sheree arrives the two exchange words about whose house took longer to build and how Kenya’s isn’t done yet and she’s already having a housewarming party. Kenya gave her guests a quick tour, prompting Sheree to say, “Kenya’s housewarming invite should have come with a hard hat and dusk mask.” When the tour was over, Kenya came back downstairs and Phaedra and Porsha had arrived to the party. Kenya was not pleased to see Porsha in her home.

What did you think of the first episode?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m ready for some pettiness and the shade! I really liked Sheree’s house too.

Genuine question, does anyone still watch ATL? Just asking I’m not being snarky!

I do. It’s petty and funny when the others are so downtrodden and dark.

Exactly. And seeing the newest cast member (Baby Ace) was a plus! That baby is so happy and smiley and yummy, he gets the MVP award for the episode, right along with his little navy & white seersucker baby shorts- I love it!

…but speaking of petty…is it just me, or is Porsha’s body post-latest-plastic surgery now virtually unrecognizable from her first 2 years on the show? These young women today really have no clue that Instagram rear-ends will soon be a thing of the past when it comes to trends.

Just wondered! I can’t stand Kenya so haven’t watched for ages. Xxxooo

Suze , Kenya is crazy and hard to watch at times but she’s much better than Vicki . I watch Atlanta more than oc . I missed a lot last year . I’m on vacation this week so I’m going to play catch up

I stopped a few seasons ago after Kenyas first twirls and haven’t got back into it. Any of the other women are better than Vicki!

Ditto. The show was really over for me when they made NeNe such a “I have more money than God, so I must be better than God.” Unless that’s changed. Last thing I remember about her is she was on some talk show wearing a t-shirt saying I’m Rich.

I don’t sunshine !


I still watch but it is my least favorite of all the Housewives shows.

I am guilty, Suze!!! IDK why – unlike OC and NY or even BH – there is a sense of ‘something’ that isn’t in the other shows. They are snarky but it’s funny, to me anyway. I can’t stand Kenya – evil person. I have stopped watching all the shows at one point, but have returned to BH and ATL. Dropped OC and missed 3/4 of NY.

Well thank goodness the drama is basically fluff so far! I need a break from the darkness of the last 3 franchises.

Right? Me too. I had to stop watching OC and Jersey for a second because it was just so twisted; I felt dirty after watching, lol…

At least on ATL they are funny snarky not just vile, nasty snarky.

How the heck did I miss the first season show!? I never even saw a commercial for a heads up. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

I never cared for Sheree in the past but it will be interesting to see her go at it with Kenya.

Bee she is the only one I would watch if Kenya wasn’t around. I don’t like any of the others! Xoxo

Princess of Strogonoff

Boring as hell….

Kenya makes a comment about people with short skirts as she has it all hanging out. Buy s top that fits…

I am not an RHOA watcher, either. I watched bits & pieces of the first season and wasn’t impressed in the least.. I watched parts of this episode & I thought Kenya’s home is a tribute to Modernism & very tastefully furnished. Yes, it still has bits & bobs, to complete, but it is lovely.. I just loved The Side Eyed Sherre! Sheree, was Hysterically Funny.. She was the Snarky Narrator (basically saying everything that we, the viewers were thinking) Her response to Pathetic Porshe Showing up univited was Classic! I read the blogs after the RHOA has aired &… Read more »