Cynthia Bailey Posts Sexy New Photo To Celebrate Turning 50

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey turned 50 on February 19th and she is looking better than ever. To celebrate the milestone in her life, Cynthia posted a tastefully nude photograph of herself on her Instagram page.

“Hello 50. Nice to meet you,” Cynthia captioned the pic. “Let’s do this.”

Hello 50. Nice to meet you. Let’s do this🖤 #50Cynt Photo: @bobbyquillard

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Cynthia celebrated her birthday at a party with loved ones in Beverly Hills. She previously told The Daily Dish that she’s also planning on celebrating the milestone with a spiritual retreat to Thailand with her daughter, Noelle Robinson, and some of her closest friends.

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9 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Posts Sexy New Photo To Celebrate Turning 50”

  1. Maybe I’m to sensitive about this, but I wish as women, we didn’t feel the need to show our bodies all the time. When was the last time any of us saw a guy do a nude, simply because he tuned 50? I think we feed into the myth, that our worth is based first, on our looks and everything else is second. It has to be so very hard to be a mother of little girls today. Hats off to all of you!

    1. I think they’re trying to change the stereotype of age in women. I remember back when I was in my 50’s and when people found out my age they were like wow, you don’t look that old and I’d reply actually I do. This is what 50’s look like. There is all this talk about an older model doing some cover with her model daughter and there is such shock and awe about how good she looks at that age. I’m like why does everyone think the minute you turn 40 you get ugly. It’s just not true.

      1. I do agree, the nudity isn’t necessary, but Passes and Porsha have shown more in bathing suits than this photo shows, so….

  2. I’m all for seeing sexy named men! I wonder though what backlash if Harry Hamlin posted a nude selfie. There was a lot of innuendos about the ladies loving Harry’s meat at the get together but m sure if it came from LVP there would have been.

  3. She’s a fashion model, the nudity doesn’t bother me in that regard because it’s intentional with vision behind it. That said, I expected more. Too many elements bothering me that aren’t up to snuff for what I would expect from a shoot with Cynthia Bailey.

  4. Go for it Cynthia. You are gorgeous at any age, a natural beauty.
    I wish Cynthia well and hope she has better luck meeting a man who truly loves and respects her.
    Enjoy your single life Cynthia.

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