Cynthia Bailey And Porsha Williams Hash It Out On RHOA


This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta had a lot of shade and the drama came to a head when Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams met for lunch to confront each other for talking smack. Cynthia claims that Porsha is NeNe’s new puppet and Porsha claims that Cynthia is flip-flopper.

When Porsha arrives an hour late, Cynthia is already angry and it’s very awkward. Porsha tells Cynthia that she wasn’t shocked she wasn’t invited to Cynthia’s event at Bar One and that she realized there was something going on between them when Cynthia would give conflicting interviews about what happened at last season’s reunion.

Cynthia insists she only ever felt one way about the reunion and doesn’t appreciate anything Porsha has to say.

Cynthia throws some major shade at Williams in her interview when she says, “Oh I’m a flip-flipper? Word on the street is your over there flip-flopping with some old married man for cars and bags. Flip-flop on that!”

Next, Porsha asks Cynthia why she gave a comment to the press about the controversial video of Williams that leaked where she was giving an anti-gay sermon.

Watch Cynthia and Porsha’s heated conversation below.

Whose side are you on?

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10 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey And Porsha Williams Hash It Out On RHOA”

  1. Porsha is vey wrong and inconsiderate in this episode. I used to feel sorry for her but she was so rude here that she can fall into the underground as far as I am concerned. An hour late and not apologize is so low class and totally unacceptable.

  2. I am definitely team Cynthia on this one. I’m sure Bravo has arranged the late arrival of Porsha coming just to stir drama. However, Cynthia COULD HAVE apologized.

  3. Porsha is immature. She has zero self awareness. Couple that with her being illiterate and arrogant, it’s not a good combo. She needs to work on herself and stop being so selfish. The world does not revolve around you, Porsha.

  4. I agree with NeNe and whoever else it is that says “oh look at Cynthia trying to have a backbone!” she was just trying to act tough like she’s somebody u dont wanna mess with after people been sayin shes a boring lap dog follower for the past five years! she was acting way too rude and ignorant from the second that Porscha showed up. Im sure we all assume it was set up for cynthia to arrive way b4. I think if it were real and not set up there woulda been no way anyone woulda waited over an hour with no texts or calls. Y wld u wait that long?!? she’s been the most boring cast member Atl ever had. Y is she even on the show now? The only reason she was on the show for so long was because of her friendship with nene

  5. Porsha is rude, stupid and violent and I can’t stand watching her – please get her off the show, she’s an embarrassment and, quite frankly, after she threw Kenya to the floor by her hair in violence, I am not quite sure what Bravo was thinking bringing her back to the show! Bad idea and no one likes her!

  6. Even though I like to think of myself as non’-violent – I so enjoyed Porsha taking Kenya down. No matter how you look at it, IMO Kenya deserved the take down. But I agree both ladies last night were ridiculous.

  7. Bravo probably told Cynthia the viewers are tired of watching wishy-washy and she needs to add some backbone. She’s still joke.

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