Cynthia Bailey & Phaedra Parks Friendship Troubles?

Cynthia Bailey

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey tweeted some interesting information today before the new episode of RHOA airs tonight. Cynthia shared some details about her friendship with Phaedra Parks. Cynthia insinuated her friendship with Phaedra might be troubled. Cynthia stated that when she had problems with Kenya early in Season 5 of RHOA, Phaedra clearly picked Kenya’s side, not Cynthia’s. After Phaedra’s infamous butt dial, where she was caught saying she didn’t give a f*ck if Cynthia came to Ayden’s birthday party, it seems there’s been tension between the two.

Cynthia tweeted, “Phaedra & Kenya became best buds when I was having my issues with Kenya. She picked a side & it was Kenya’s.


Amidst the drama of the Kenya vs. Phaedra workout DVD, Cynthia explains her take to her Twitter followers. After people had time to react to what Cynthia said, she followed up with a tweet saying, “Not picking sides, but business is business. May the best ass win! LOL!”


Cynthia also tweets that she has had problems with both Kenya and Phaedra and is not best friends with either of her cast mates! She says, “I have had issues with both Kenya & Phaedra in the past. I am not BFF’s with either.”

Cynthia Tweet

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One Reply to “Cynthia Bailey & Phaedra Parks Friendship Troubles?”

  1. Cynthia I did not think you were a follwer but it seem like you walk behind Nene and Kenya. you have a great business. But don’t think when you decide to do business with Kenya it won’t fall apart. Phaedra is a little southern bell however I believe in the long run Pheadra she will do rught by you. Every woman has their own mood swing but Kenya is biploar. I get the the feeling you will feel Kenya bioplar behavior when she trys to work with you on your next event. Kenya has been rude to everyone but Nene and I thinks she knows better then to try Nene. Cynthia be strong and take a stand for Cynthia make wise decisons when it come to friendship. Pharedra did apologize and brought you flowers so let it go. Those after thoughts will only get you into trouble. This is an old issue and you chose to bring it up again. So you never let it go. Very unprofessional comment. Can’t wait to see the next espiode………
    p.s. Kenya left LA because she had burn all her bridges in California.

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