Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Sued Over Bar Fight


According to a new lawsuit, the bar patron who claimed RHOA’s Peter Thomas assaulted him is now saying the case was rigged in Peter’s favor thanks to doctored video.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, Brandon Link claims Sports One Bar staffers and/or Peter tampered with surveillance camera footage of the incident. He also says Peter barked he was busy “working on some p****” when Link tried to talk business.

According to Link, Peter screamed, “Do you think I give a F*** about your money,” then threw Link into a chair or table.

The D.A. disagreed after reviewing the surveillance video and dismissed the criminal case. Link is insisting he suffered a concussion from the incident. He is suing Peter and his wife Cynthia Bailey for $225,000.

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Sued Over Bar Fight”

  1. Hasn’t Cynthia lost too much already because of Peter. I don’t condone divorce but she should leave that loser. He does seem like a hot head. So sad…

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