Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Her Health Scare


Rumors have been stating that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey was pregnant, but she revealed on the show that she has been struggling with uterine fibroids. On this week’s episode Cynthia underwent a procedure to to remove the fibroids and she says it drastically changed her life. “I feel so much better,” she tells CocoaFab. “I lost my pregnant stomach and I have energy.”

Cynthia was diagnosed with the fibroids after giving birth to her daughter, Noelle, but she admits more recently they affected her everyday life. “I was a hot mess every time my cycle came around,” she says. “There was three weeks out of the month where that took over my life and left me with one good week, which is not enough.” Adding, “I would be somewhere and have blood on my dress. I’m like, I can’t be out and bleeding. This is crazy!”

“I had low everything. Low sex drive, low energy. Having sex can be painful depending on where they are,” she explains, adding why she decided to air her health scare on RHOA. “As much as we love the drama, I always try to bring real life issues to the show as well. Things that other women can relate to. I wanted to deal with it and it turned out some of the other ladies on the show had the same issues.”

“I really want to inspire women,” she says. “I’m a different person. I can’t believe I had it as long as I did and got anything done. Everything has changed and it has been amazing. I’m so glad I took care of it!”

Photo Credit: Bravo