Cynthia Bailey: It’s Offensive to be Labeled a Bully

Cynthia Bailey is weighing in on the fact that Porsha Williams accused some of her RHOA co-stars of bullying her. Cynthia says it is offensive to label the behavior that went down this season as such kind of behavior and shares her thoughts about the season. Were you surprised when Porsha said the group bullied her?
Cynthia Bailey:
Like most of the ladies in the circle, I was bullied in school. I always tried to get along with everyone and was raised to never put my hands on anyone, unless of course it was in self-defense. I still have very vivid memories of being afraid to go to school and all of the anxiety that came with not knowing whether or not the bullies were going to harass me or beat me up. It was a horrible and painful experience. There are far too many kids that are victims of bullying, and unfortunately many don’t live to survive it. I am not a bully, and would never bully anyone. There is nothing now, nor has there ever been anything in my character that represents this type of negative behavior. It is offensive to be label as such. What was going through your head while watching the retrospective package on all the kids?
I really enjoyed seeing our children’s retrospective package at the reunion. I feel a common bond with all the mothers in the circle. Being a parent is not an easy job, and I take my hat off to all the mothers and fathers of our children.

Noelle was eight years old when we moved from New York City to Atlanta, and now she is almost 18. I love the beautiful, smart, and classy young lady that she has grown into today. I am proud to be her mother. What was it like hearing Sheree open up about the abuse from Bob?
My heart went out to Sheree. I believe that by sharing her story with the world, she empowered herself and many other women that are or have been in her shoes. I was happy that she was finally comfortable facing her issues and can move on with her life.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Cynthia should consider the source. Porsha is an idiot. Go read a book Porsha.

Why don’t these women write a blog.
Why is it always a question/answer format….

When I see Cynthia in that wig I am surprised it doesn’t give her a headache.

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Portia was not bullied – she was the one spreading all of the nastiness all season (on behalf of Phaedra)

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