Cynthia Bailey: It Was Difficult Dealing With the Video of Peter


The Real Housewives of Atlanta made its eighth season debut this past Sunday and while it was a kickoff to another epic season for the Georgia peaches, things have already started rough for Cynthia Bailey. A video circled around all over social media of her husband Peter Thomas get too close for comfort with a woman in a night club in Charleston, where Peter’s new Bar One is located. As friends and even fans have dished out their opinion (how can we forget the fight with Kenya Moore and Peter at the eyewear launch party?), Cynthia spoke with Bravo about her marriage and her eyewear line. How difficult was it dealing with the video of Peter?

Cynthia Bailey: It was extremely difficult dealing with the video of Peter. No woman (or man for that matter) expects (or hopes) to see her or his spouse appear to be cheating or having an indiscretion in a video. Especially one that has gone viral! How would one prepare for this? I was confused, shocked, hurt, and humiliated at the same time. Then I just became pissed at Peter for his recklessness, inconsideration, and carelessness. Of course I let Peter have it. I was furious! Peter and I are in the public eye, so in addition to dealing with this personally, I had to deal with it publicly as well. I had to dig deep, and ask myself a lot of heavy questions about my relationship and whether or not it would survive. Are you still attracted to Peter? Even with his clothes off?

CB: When Peter and I first met, I was attracted to everything about him. However, his confidence really stood out. He was handsome, successful, funny, smart, and sexy. He owned all of it. I have always been more attracted to my husband’s mind than his body. When my sister Malorie asked me if I was still attracted to Peter with his clothes off, she was referring to him physically, not sexually. My honest answer was no. For me, physical attraction and sexual attraction are two different subjects, and one has nothing to do with the other. At the time of Malorie’s visit, the video had just come out, we were dealing with the stress of other martial issues, and Peter had packed on some unwanted pounds. Is it possible to be sexually attracted to someone and not be physically attracted to them? Physical attraction is important in any marriage or relationship, but it is only one of many factors that will keep a healthy relationship together. I think men hold women to a much higher standard when it comes to physical attraction. Most women love from more of an emotional and spiritual connection that usually goes beyond the physical. This is an issue that a lot of women can relate to but are not comfortable talking about out loud. What was your inspiration for your Cynthia Bailey Eyewear Launch look?

CB: I thought that since I was debuting my sunglasses, it would be fun to wear something that tied into a summer beach feeling. Also, this was my first big public outing with the girls since the video had gone viral, and I knew it was still the talk of the town. It was important for me to stand strong, be true to myself, and put all of my energy into my eyewear launch party, and not make it about my personal life. I think my outfit was a successful and fabulous distraction.

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15 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey: It Was Difficult Dealing With the Video of Peter”

    1. I believe it 100% Peter is above everyone else- He is attracted to the PURSE not the person, he also thinks the Bravo platform makes him a BIG man – hes not hes a big JOKE and embarrassment – If Cynthia has any sense left she will run -I don’t believe any of the HW’s drama , I am just shocked ANYONE would go thru this … Publicaly

  1. I don’t think I’m buying this, Peter came off so over the top and phony, when he was arguing with Kenya it came off as people trying to act but doing it badly, it all seemed phoney bologna to me.

  2. I think it was an act as well to save the,selves from getting the boot. Think about it: Cynthia WAITS for husband to come home from trip to be filmed with her bringing this to his attention? Suspicious….

  3. Unfortunately, what goes around, comes around, a day for you, a day for me. After what Cynthia maliciously did to Phaedra last season is something one cannot forget or understand. Her day has arrived, it is sad. Peter is no catch, actually, he is repulsive & I cant see what she sees in him. As they say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

  4. Oh I’m so glad I ditched this show lol. It’s hard to watch a show where NON of the characters are likeable , in my opinion anyways .. Having seen that video floating around weeks ago, I agree that there’s sonethng suspicion about the timing of its release and also is Peter that dumb (ok he kinda is lol), that he would do this at a party with many people around ?

    1. There’s nothing suspicious about it to me, urban blogs are messy and there is ALWAYS someone lurking in the corner waiting to catch something, hoping to sell you out. It’s not something we would have heard about here, but Cynthia got DRAGGED this summer by every black media outlet in existence once that recording was sold, and it was brutal to watch. I doubt VERY seriously that she would put her child through this for the sake of a storyline, and I doubt her ex, actor Leon would stand for it.

  5. I am not a Peter fan, and think Cynthia will start putting the pieces together. Just because she isn’t loud and over the top doesn’t mean she isn’t strong.

  6. I couldn’t believe how strong and yet vulnerable you reacted to that video. It must be very difficult to deal with this in the public and for that I want ;to say you are extremely strong and courageous. I’m behind you and support you during this troubling time. No comments or predictions, I just want you to emerge as strong and beautiful as ever. Woman to woman.

    1. Ridiculous. Peter is most definitely a jerk, very much a stereotypical macho island man, but he’s no con artist like Brooks Ayers.

      I know people are only seeing part of him on the show, and I get that he’s unlikebale. He annoys me to no end and just reminds me why I could never push beyond the first date with caribbean men when I was young (couldn’t take the over the top machismo and flirty ways) but he actually had professional pedigree before housewives. We’ve never seen it on the show,but man is the managing director of a magazine, & has had successful restaurants in the past. The crazy thing is, considering that studies show that 60% of restaurants do not make it past there g´first year and 80% of restaurants close within in 5 years, his issues with Bar One are not out of the ordinary for someone building a business in an emerging market like Atlanta. Personality wise, he’s absolutely qualified to be a Donkey. But Con artist, lazy? Not.

  7. This was probably done as a storyline for Cynthia since she has none. Peter’s has to keep that money coming in to support his bad businesses.

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