Cynthia Bailey Issues A Statement About Her Marriage


A video had recently been leaked to the media of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas- husband of Housewife Cynthia Bailey out with another woman at his hot spot Bar One. There has been a lot of speculation on the status of their marriage- whether they are staying together or divorcing- but now Cynthia has spoken with US Weekly about the situation.

“My marriage is not perfect. We’re going to deal with this issue as husband and wife. Most marriages go through their share of challenges, and ups and downs. Peter and I are no exception. I expect him to accept full accountability for his actions. We are coming up on our five-year wedding anniversary and we will deal ieth this situation as husband and wife. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes and concerns..

As fans of the show have seen marital issues between Cynthia and Peter, she has been open about them-even recently with Atlanta radio station V-103 about the video.

“When I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate. It’s unfortunate that you have people filming you with phones and stuff everywhere you go when you’re on a reality show, but it is what it is. I don’t know if it’s grounds for divorce. I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things.”

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16 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Issues A Statement About Her Marriage”

  1. Things are now at a point with reality shows that I wish we could scale back a bit on the public needing to see EVERYTHING that goes on in these people’s lives. I’m not interested in having marital pain splashed all over my tv or my periodicals. Some things should be handled in the privacy of one’s home without the public having to see it.

  2. OMG .. Wake up Cynthia!! How about you start with asking him better yet tell him to stay the hell out of strip clubs and stop lusting after women getting their gear off! There is only one woman he should be looking at naked and dancing and that my friend is you!!

  3. The bank of Cynthia is alway’s open to Patricia, wake up close the vault! Why Cynthia, he’s going to put u out of business.

  4. Cynthia is turning a blind eye to Peter and does not feel she deserves better, though must of us see it quite differently.
    The saying is, “Love is blind” and she is clearly the one in love in this relationship and quite blinded. I just read this about the phrase, “Modern-day research supports the view that the blindness of love is not just a figurative matter. A research study in 2004 by University College London found that feelings of love suppressed the activity of the areas of the brain that control critical thought.” (From Phrasefinder). That explains it!

  5. Maybe Phadra and Portica were telling the truth about Peter messing with waitresses. I don’t like Peter or the way he speaks to women.

  6. Cynthia is a blind fool. If she cant see what’s been going on all the while, as this cannot be the first time, just the first time he’s been caught, she is even stupider than I thought. He has nothing to offer in any department, so what’s she’s clinging to is beyond me. Portia & Phaedra knew exactly what they were talking about during the time Cynthia took such joy in spreading that horrid gossip about Phaedra & Mr. so called Chocolate. It is said that hurt people, they hurt people. Maybe she really knew of panty peter’s indiscretions & wanted to feel she had company. Both Cynthia & Peter are not of the best class of people, it is so clear.

  7. Peter is so far beneath Cynthia. He is a narcissistic hustler and a misogonist Good luck to Cynthia. Poor girl

  8. We all know this is staged she hasn’t gotten a letter to return they will most likely be out. They are trying to be revelant it’s not working. don’t nobody want Peter but Cynthia

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