Cynthia Bailey, “I Think This Is Going To Be My Best Season, My Storyline Is Much Stronger!”

With The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere airing tonight, Cynthia Bailey is dishing on her relationships with the ladies, her experiences on the show, and what we can expect in Season 5! Cynthia recently did an interview with, and opened up about her experiences as a Real Housewife. Read below to see what she had to say!

When asked how she deals with the different personalities, Cynthia responds, “I just try to go with the flow. Working with six different female personalities can definitely be challenging. I think this season you are going to see a more vocal, feisty Cynthia. I feel like I am at a place in my life where even though I am definitely caught up in a lot of drama this season, I really handle it a lot differently. I don’t have patience for a lot of things because I am busy working hard. I definitely try to shut things down before they get out of control, because we all know that issues can linger and things become bigger and bigger.”

Cynthia also dishes about her current relationship with Kim Zolciak. The comment Cynthia made in Africa about Kim last Season caused a lot of drama amongst the ladies, Cynthia reveals, “Kim and I have never been BFFs, obviously. But the great part of that is she has been pregnant most of the time so I didn’t have to see her that much. We really didn’t bump heads as much because I didn’t see her. We actually got along because she was in her motherly way most of the time. And it is not fun when you argue with a pregnant lady. I have been down that road!”

Rumors have spread that some scenes of The Real Housewives Shows are staged. Cynthia clears this up by saying, “Our show—I can’t speak for every reality television show but I can tell you for ours—is definitely real. The only things that are kind of set up sometimes are situations. But you don’t know what outcome of that situation is going to be. They’ll say, “Today you are going to go shopping with Kandi,” but in reality TV world, yeah we’re going to go shopping, but I don’t know what bomb she is going to drop on me when we get there. I never know what we are going to talk about or what some of the other ladies may have repeated. You are kind of under the fence because you are always ready for a bomb to be dropped. I can meet one of the girls for a drink and end up getting into something with them about something that has nothing to do with why we got together in the first place. It just depends on that day and what I am feeling like and what she is feeling like.”

As for Cynthia’s friends when the cameras aren’t rolling? She explains, “I hang out with NeNe the most; we really connected on screen and off screen. She really is typically my best friend on the show, and we spend quite a bit of time together. I also have spent a little bit of time with Kandi. We kind of are in the same circles, we are getting to know each other, and our friendship evolves this season. I talk to pretty much all the girls from time to time on the phone with the exception of Kim. Kim doesn’t really call, but for the most part I have a cordial relationship with all the girls, I would say. If I see Kim, I would say hello but we don’t really talk on the phone.”

When it comes to what viewers can expect in Season 5, Cynthia explains, “I am not really sure because I haven’t seen the first episode yet. I think something that will be interesting about this season is that we have two new girls, but we did lose one of the veterans. And Kim is pregnant but she is not around as much as she would normally would be, so it has kind of made things different. I don’t even know what to expect because it just changed the whole dynamic of the group with two people missing and two other ones came in. I think there definitely will be a lot of drama, but we’re not as divided as we were last season. We are around each other a lot more this season, which only means more drama! I personally think this is going to be my best season because my storyline is just so much stronger.”

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