Cynthia Bailey: I Don’t Want To See NeNe Hurt


Cynthia Bailey is opening up about consoling her former BFF NeNe Leakes during part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion this week. In a new interview with Bravo, Bailey explains why she ran over to console NeNe when she broke down at there reunion and if there is any hope for their friendship. What was going through your mind when NeNe walked off?
Cynthia Bailey:
My natural reaction when NeNe broke down and walked off was to go to her and hug her. I had no idea how I would be received or what I would say to her, but my heart said go after her, and I did. NeNe and I were friends. Real friends that spent real time together outside of the show. Regardless of what the status of that friendship was during the reunion, I never want to see her hurt. Why did you follow her into the dressing room?
I followed her to the dressing room because I wanted her to know that I was close by if she needed me. My spirit told me it was the right thing to do, and I did not question it. Do you feel like everyone ended the reunion in a better place?
I have always looked at the reunion as an opportunity for the ladies to address their issues face to face and try to move forward. When people want to make amends and move on, it usually works out. Unless they want the drama to continue. None of us is perfect. We all have said things about one another over the years, made fun of each other, and have crossed the line in one way or the other. People forgive whom they want to forgive, and hold grudges with whom they want to hold grudges. I can’t speak for the other ladies, but I felt like I was in a better place when the reunion ended. I was open to resolution, and that is what matters to me. How someone responds to it is their choice.

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  1. Well, the ladies have definitely got a real breakthrough because nene had the breakdown. It was so refreshing to see her a little vulnerable tonight. Just a little. Obviously she has more in common with the ladies than she has shown from day one. No I can completely understand how to show strength in front of people who are not for you or don’t understand your life . Kudos!! I do believe the ladies will have a better respect for one another. They will deal with one another differently. I can clearly see why nene remarried Greg!! That is why I appreciate my husband of 25 years he is the same support like Greg, very loyal!! Kudos ladies

  2. Didn’t like how Cynthia chased after NeNe–made her look so desperate for camera time.

    Ps–her wig and makeup person have GOT TO GO!

    1. I have to disagree One Rotten Egg!
      I think Cynthia loves Nene and it was breaking her heart to see her break down that way. The reason Nene and Cynthia “broke up” is Peter. He thought she should change her persona to stay on the show plus he doesn’t like women calling him out (as Cynthia well knows) like Nene did telling him not to get in women’s business. I have despised Cynthia all season but last night she was herself and she was beautiful. She needs to dump Peter not Nene.

      1. Oh ok……it just APPEARED to me like she wanted camera time…especially when she walked out of the bathroom to report to Andy/cameras about NeNe–like her spokesperson, then going to the sofa and did the same thing…..just APPEARED that way to me is all. But to each his or gown opinion–EGGactly!

        1. you’re so funny 🙂 ….and I get what you are saying but I think what happened is that Cynthia’s buried but real love for Nene made her forgot she was supposed to hate her and all she could think to do was comfort her. You could see it in her face that she was really sincere. Peter is the real mean girl behind the scenes not Cynthia. She’s just the people pleaser, trying her best to please Peter who is pissed at Nene for telling it like it is about him. He’s so bad for Cynthia. But yeah that wig she had on was sooooooo ugly.

  3. I was so pleasantly surprised at the outcome of last night’s part 3 RHOA Reunion. So happy at how spontaneously Cynthia followed Nene during her break down. Clearly proved she still loves her friend a lot. My heart broke for Nene, tears filled my eyes & trust me, I’m not the town crier. Far as I could judge, just one negative for me was Kandi’s reaction. A Cold Fish. No reaction, no feeling. Dosent that remind you of sick mama Joyce? That pout on her lips throughout all parts of the reunion would’ve driven me to drink if I enjoyed alcohol. Having said that, it was a heartfelt reunion for me. Now, hopefully, they can move forward as a united front, just enjoying each other & having fun together. I hope so.

    1. I agree with you Starr 100%. I had the exact same feelings as you watching this reunion I just hope if all the ladies return next season we see more of this type of comraderie. I have always liked Kandi but watching her last night really turned me off. You are so right about her and Mama Joyce. Feeling sorry for Todd.

      1. Thanks Aunt Bee, it really touched me. Unlike the final RHOBH where given the chance, they would’ve been at each other’s throats. Used to like Kandi, but her true colors are way too bright & like you, I really feel sorry for Todd.

    2. I disagree with the impression that people are having with Kandi re: NeNe’s ‘breakthrough’ last night. That whole portion of the episode came across as very calculated in order to drive sympathy for NeNe from the viewers, and further, to make NeNe feel more liked by the cast (as if by integrating her more, she might involve herself more, as opposed to constantly excluding herself). Kandi’s reaction was identical to mine – indifferent. Why should she care, at the producers event to drive sympathy for someone like NeNe who just exudes entitled, egotistical behavior? Did the producers give this type of treatment to anyone else on the cast? No, this was their attempt at coddling a castmember with volatile behavior to get her to stay (“NeNe, see, everyone cares about you!”) and to viewers to like her more (“See, she may act horribly toward others, but it’s ok! Listen to her story. Sympathize, SYMPATHIZE!”). And given the words that were exchanged previously during the reunion between Kandi and NeNe, why should Kandi care suddenly? Kandi has been on this show long enough to see through what the intent of that segment was for.

      1. To address some of the comments posted here, I feel Kandi had a right not to be impressed with Nene emotional breakdown. Let’s not forget, Nene has been egotistical and manipulative, condescending and narcissistic! ! Cynthia has showed me how truthful she cares about nene, unfortunately some viewers do not agree that she was sincere. I beg to differ!! I personally would not have ran after her because they both agreed to move on from their friendship . Cynthia was the bigger person, besides who knows Nene might have done the same? ???? No! I don’t think so!!

      2. That was so lame. When the girls sent that messageon that phone message to nene, kandi said it right. She knew what this was. At the reunion. An attempt to put nene in a more positive light. Dr. Jeff is also lame. He was on Hardball with Chris Matthews few weeks ago being some kind of specialist in behavior . Sometimes, Hard Ball puts a new person on, to give them a chance to see if the audiance has a positive perception.of that person. Dr. Jeff, wants to be called as a specialist in some area of behavior on tv.. He didn’t impress me. Why was he at the reunion, he wants to be on tv He seems like a nice person., but he has an agenda. what kind of specialist follow someone to their car, wanting them to come back to a group thereapy when obvious that person didn’t want to be there. He was being dramatic,and nene was also.

    3. I agree Kandi is a cold fish.
      She’s like her mama impressed with money and fame but unable to see someone’s heart.

  4. This was no break through, totally calculated and phony! BTW has anyone noticed that kandi doesn’t seem to care how anyone feels? She thinks only her feelings r valid.

  5. Kandi has been at odds with Nene since she joined during the 2nd season and Nene came for her over Tardy for the Party. They are not friends and she will not kiss the Queen Bee’s butt. She doesn’t have to. She also looks like she doesn’t think this “break through” is genuine. Neither do I. I just watched it again and it is so clearly orchestrated…in the beginning when Dr. Jeff is talking Nene is obviously working herself up with some kind of method acting technique…and whenever the attention (camera) is taken off her, she escalates the shaking and the crying. Dr. Jeff then makes sure everyone focuses on Nene again…until the big crescendo and she wobbles off supported by her minions. Nene has been talking about her childhood since day one…it is no deep dark secret that she was raised by her aunt….who we visited in season one and seems like a nice lady. So was Kenya…and many others. Both Oprah and Maya Angelou were also raised by relatives and had much much rougher childhoods than Nene, but they used their experiences to inspire and help others instead of becoming nasty, rude, selfish, and arrogant.

  6. *clap clap clap clap*
    Nene chile you really can do melodrama . I see a role on daytime soaps offered any day soon. You good boo.

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