Cynthia Bailey Was Genuinely Concerned For Kenya’s Safety

Cynthia Bailey is opening up about the drama that happened at Club One on this week’s episode of RHOA. In her blog, Bailey writes that she was genuinely concerned for Kenya’s safety when Matt started texting her and threatening her. Cynthia also dishes on what it was like being around Peter. Were you surprised Peter didn’t invite you to his opening?
Cynthia Bailey:
Peter and I are going through a divorce and are no longer a couple. So I wasn’t that surprised that he didn’t invite me to his Club One opening. I was just a little surprised that he invited everyone else except me! What went through your mind when Kenya told you about Matt’s texts?
I was very concerned. I personally don’t do well with threats. The texts were very aggressive, and they worried me. I was genuinely concerned for Kenya and her safety. What was it like seeing Peter in person after so long? Was it awkward?
It was a little awkward seeing Peter at first, because I hadn’t seen him in several months. The fact that I wasn’t invited made it worse. He had no idea that I was coming. He could have been on a date or something. Awkward!

Photo Credit: Bravo