Cynthia Bailey On Friendship With NeNe Leakes: I Am Moving Forward With Grace


Cynthia Bailey is dishing on her make-up with NeNe Leakes in her blog this week. Cynthia shares that you have to give respect to get it and says she is moving forward from NeNe with grace.

Cynthia writes:

Once I had the opportunity to speak at the dinner table, my only issue was respect, or me feeling the lack thereof. I did not feel like the respect that I had for NeNe and her husband was being reciprocated. She has called my husband out of his name too many times to count, and still continues to do so. Until this day, I have never disrespected her husband. I believe in boundaries, and even in anger certain lines should never be crossed. There is an unspoken trust and confidentiality between friends regardless of the state of the relationship. If I felt like I could have called NeNe, and had my feelings and concerns met with an open mind and an open heart, I would have. However, we stopped communicating months before we filmed the reunion; therefore a one-on-one sit down wasn’t an option. Honesty between friends should always be appreciated, especially when it’s coming from a loving place. Friends applaud each other’s triumphs, and check each other when they are wrong. As grown, successful, and professional women, I pray we can make peace through forgiveness of each other’s faults, and can arrive at a true place of support and respect for each other. I am moving forward in grace.

The only thing I love more than New York is New York Fashion Week! I was so excited to walk alongside two of my models from The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, Nisaa Pouncey and Chelsea Lee, in my longtime friend Kithe Brewster’s Fashion show. The girls exceeded my expectations and gave me confirmation that my little school that I opened just four years ago was indeed making dreams come true! I was also asked by one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson, to walk in her show as well! As a woman who embraces her age, I was proud to represent the older and curvier woman during Fashion Week. Although it has always been the industry standard to use mostly younger, thinner models, I applaud designers like Betsey Johnson and Kithe Brewster for showing some “real women” on the runway as well. I hope that this is a trend, and in the future others designers follow suit. I was so excited to have Peter, Kenya, Kandi, Todd, and Noelle’s dad, Leon, in New York to support me (and my big butt)!

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13 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey On Friendship With NeNe Leakes: I Am Moving Forward With Grace”

  1. The more that is revealed about the friendship between Cynthia and NeNe, the more it seems to me that it WAS a true one, a very deep and intense one, but a unhealthy and unbalanced one. I think NeNe dominated it and everything was fine until Cynthia dared be herself. Then NeNe got mad and punished Cynthia. Then Cynthia would quiet down and things would ho on. Much like a battered wife, with NeNe getting more and more aggressive with her attitude and manner towards Cynthia, and then Peter, until like Cynthia said it all became too much. And Cynthia rebelled. And then NeNe became enraged, like a abusive man does when the wife finally gets away. Anyway, it may seem a tad bit drsmatic, but that’s what it looks like from the outside. Good luck to you Cynthia, you are better off without her.

    1. Awesome post.. very true.. Nene runs the show and once someone steps over her boundaries she will call them out … and Cynthia was tired of a one sided friendship.. what Nene called being her friend it was more like being in command.. while Cynthia has to respect her, Nene went off at the mouth.. she didn’t respect Cynthia’s views..

    1. I didn’t mean Karen’s post was too long…lol. I agree with Karen too. Sometimes it okay to move on. Not all friends are forever and that’s okay too.

  2. I believe the whole thing was staged to add some “story” to Cynthia’s boring personality. She waited until the reunion to let it out and then transform into her “tough” act. Cynthia has always had no storyline.

    1. Remember, it’s a reality show? Cynthia’s “storyline” is that she’s the one with the most dignity. She’s the one with the kindest nature. She’s the one that doesn’t butcher the English language. It takes a lot to make her say ‘enough,’ and it should. We have Nene, Kenya, Kandi’s mom, and now even once-meek Porsha acting nasty. Do we really need one more woman making Atlanta look ignorant and awful??

    1. Hehehehe good one. Maybe we will like Grace better than NeNe. And hello? Does anyone think peter treats Cynthia like he owns her? He talks to her like a father punishing a child half the time. He is a huge downer too.

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