Would Cynthia Bailey Ever Get Back Together With Her Ex Leon Robinson?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is divorcing her husband Peter Thomas and fans of the show have an idea of who she could be calling for a date. That would be the father of her daughter Noelle, Leon Robinson.

So would Cynthia ever consider getting back together with her ex? “I know. I get that all the time,” Bailey said on a recent episode of WWHL. “Let me just put this to rest. First of all, Leon is in a relationship that he’s been in for many, many years, so no disrespect to his lady.”

“That’s not gonna happen. It’s just not,” Cynthia explained. “I love Leon. I believe in getting along with my exes. I hope the same for Peter. But, no, Leon and I, that ship has sailed. We’re good.”

But Cynthia totally understands why viewers believe they are a great match. “I get it. Like, we’re super compatible,” she said. “But he’s Noelle’s dad, I’m Noelle’s mother, and we have a great thing going co-parenting, but that’s it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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People have been calling for them to get back together for the last 15 years, it’s a cute thought, but you how the saying goes, “Your ex is an ex for a REASON”, lol…

She wishes!