Cynthia Bailey Dishes On Her Date Night With Peter


Cynthia Bailey is dishing about her date with her husband on this week’s episode of RHOA in a new interview with Bravo. Bailey says Peter Thomas is a very romantic man and that spending quality time together has helped their marriage. Cynthia also shares her thoughts on Kandi and Demetria’s new music video, see what she had to say below. What did you think of Peter’s romantic date?
Cynthia Bailey:
Peter is very romantic and always goes out of his way to make our special moments together memorable. I especially loved our “lunch in the park” date because although it was well thought out, it was really sweet and simple. As a matter of fact (after being married for five years), this was one of my favorite dates. Spending quality time together does not always require all the “bells and whistles.” Sometimes less is so much more. Were you nervous bringing Peter around all the Housewives?
I am never nervous to bring Peter around the ladies, and I was excited to support Kandi and Demetria’s event with my husband on my arm. Peter and I had a great time with everyone. It was a fun date night. What did you think of Kandi and Demetria’s music video?
I love it! The video is fun, and the song is very catchy. Both of the ladies did an awesome job. Demetria McKinney is a smart, beautiful, and talented singer/actress. She is a triple threat and a “no brainer” for Kandi to collaborate with. However, I can understand why Kandi was reluctant to mix business with pleasure due to past unfavorable experiences. I think this dynamic duo is a win-win, and I wish them success.

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  1. Good luck. Marriage is hard. Peter is shady tho. I couldn’t deal w all the sleazy encounters and having to financially support him. But if this is what you want…. Go for it! It’s your life…. You’re happiness.

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