Cynthia Bailey Disappointed Kenya Didn’t Show Up For Their Meeting


Cynthia Bailey is dishing on this week’s episode of RHOA in a new interview with Bravo. Cynthia says she didn’t believe Kim Fields had malicious intentions for the beatless brunch and says she was disappointed Kenya didn’t show up for the meeting for her eyewear commercial. Did you think Kim was being shady with her beatless brunch?
Cynthia Bailey:
I wasn’t personally offended or insulted by Kim’s “Beatless Brunch” concept and felt her intentions were coming from a good place. However, I understand why some of the other ladies may have felt differently. In my opinion the true definition of “natural beauty” is defined by more than minimal or no makeup, which is just one of many components. I thought the topic of “natural beauty” brought up great conversation and a variety of interpretations. What was going through your mind when Kenya didn’t show up for your meeting?
As part of the “Life Twirls On” cast, I got an opportunity to see firsthand how smart, talented, and creative Kenya is as a businesswoman. I was very excited to hear her concept and see her “Gone with the Wind” fabulous storyboards. I was disappointed that Kenya was not able to twirl over to the meeting. Were you surprised that Kim didn’t want to co-produce the commercial?
Yes, I was surprised that Kim did not want to co-produce the commercial. As someone who has spent most of her career in front of the camera, I am still learning the protocol for directing and producing.

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    1. Now they call it “twirling” ?

      Oh dear…I spent last weekend twirling by the beach in Turks and Caicos

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