Cynthia Bailey Debuts Weight Loss


This season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey opened up about her struggle with uterine fibroids, a condition she’s been living with for years. Cynthia’s health condition also caused her to gain weight and the Bravo star is now revealing how she was able to get her figure back as she instagrammed this before and after picture of herself, documenting her weight loss. Cynthia turned to Genovive, a food management program, to kickstart a healthy approach to her meals. “They send me my meals monthly to ensure that not only I am eating enough food a day, but also that I am eating healthy food, as well as the right proportions every day,” she blogged. Cynthia also shares that she is working out three days a week. “I have lost all the weight in my stomach area (and back! LOL!), and my clothes are sliding on with ease,” she shared.

Photo Credit: Instagram