Cynthia Bailey: It Was Too Dark and Toxic

Cynthia Bailey is sharing her thoughts about part four of the RHOA reunion in a new interview with Bravo. Bailey calls the reunion dark, toxic and spiritually negative and says she can’t believe how grown women can lie and make up rumors like that about one another. What did you think when Porsha started crying?

Cynthia Bailey: At first I was confused. Then I just assumed that she finally felt bad for spreading all the lies and rumors. I had no idea that she was about to expose Phaedra. What was going through your mind when Kandi walked off?

CB: My heart went out to Kandi. She had been battling the lies that Phaedra and Porsha said about her all season. It’s really disgusting and sad to see grown women make up blatant, disgusting rumors about each other with absolutely no remorse, receipts, or confirmation of truth. I honestly believe that if the vicious lies don’t stop amongst our circle, it will be our downfall. There should be limits morally and legally as to how far you are willing to go to try to hurt someone and their family. I was grateful to not have been affiliated with this garbage in any way. Thank God the truth finally came out, and Kandi was vindicated. What did you do after the reunion?

CB: After the reunion I went home, took a long hot shower, ate a big piece of my birthday cake, prayed, and went to bed. It had been a very long day. All the energy from the lies, screaming, inappropriate sex talk, name calling, and cursing was just too dark, toxic, and negative spiritually for me. I was exhausted and just wanted to wash the day off and focus on something positive.

Photo Credit: Bravo