Cynthia Bailey Confronts Phaedra Parks Over Voicemail!

In this scene for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks meets Cynthia Bailey at a restaurant, and Cynthia brings Phaedra’s son, Ayden, a gift for his birthday, because she missed his party. Phaedra says, “You’re always good when it comes to attending events.” Earlier in the episode Cynthia was listening to an accidental voice message from Phaedra, where she said, “Cynthia was like: ‘I gotta go out of town’. But I really don’t give a f*** about her coming.”

Cynthia immediately confronts Phaedra for the message, saying, “As a matter of fact…somebody actually told me that you really didn’t give a – excuse my spelling – a F * * * if I came to Ayden’s party of not.” Phaedra immediately denies Cynthia’s accusations, and replied, “I don’t think you’ve ever heard me drop the F-bomb so whoever told you that is tripping… I did not say that and I think you know I don’t talk like that.”

Things get awkward when Cynthia called Phaedra out and said, “I heard it with my own ears. And I actually have it if you would like to hear it.” Phaedra, embarrassed, changes the subject by saying, “OK y’all my boob is really itching like something bit me…”

Watch the preview below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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