Cynthia Bailey Confirms Separation from Husband Peter Thomas


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is confirming her separation from her husband of six years, Peter Thomas.

“Peter and I are separated. He lives in Charlotte, and I live in Atlanta,” Cynthia told The Daily Dish.

Bailey explains the couple is trying to figure out what’s next for their relationship. “I am definitely taking some time to myself to figure out how I want to move forward. I don’t want to rush into anything, so I think this time apart is good for us,” Cynthia explains. “And I think the space apart, I think he can appreciate it as well. I think it gives people time to think and process and just move forward in a way that really is healthy for everyone involved.”

“Regardless of where I am with Peter, he is my husband. I will always love him, and I will always support him. And I believe he feels the same about me,” Cynthia said. “Whether or not we decide to stay married or not, that’s something that we have to decide soon. But right now, I’m enjoying the time apart, taking time for myself.”

Are you surprised by this news?

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19 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Confirms Separation from Husband Peter Thomas”

    1. My speculation as a fashion professional is that maybe she was looking to duplicate something similar to the relationship former model and (African-American) lifestyle guru B. Smith has with her husband and business partner? Peter wasn’t always such a mess. He used to be very popular in New York: a tall, handsome “Island Man” about town and had managing editor jobs at magazines here and there… and yes, with restaurant ventures. The restaurant industry is a TOUGH business so i can’t fault him for having two that failed in Atlanta, the current one in Charlotte is fine. Still, they seemed to have waaaaaay too many struggles in the relationship in just trying to come together as one…and that’s always a red flag. Frankly I think it was a mistake not only for them to have to struggle so hard to join together in marriage, but outside of the income they received from the show…leaving New York…meh. I wonder when things turned around for him in this way?

      1. My guess is when he started making his own money in Charlotte. I always take the word of a professional, Bon Vivant. Yours makes perfect sense! 😉 Thank you. Xoxo❤❤❤❤❤

        1. But you know, I was really wondering when he became so…defeated. He totally dims in Cynthia’s shadow, and it’s not her fault. I guess a union between two people is either going to bring the best out of it or the worst, and rather than flourish, seems like leaving New York only contributed to him becoming “mediocre”, for lack of a more tactful word..

  1. Love is blind…totally. Cynthia likes the bad guys…the nice ones get turned away. She should go to a good psychologist and figure out why she keeps coming back for more of the same…unreal.

  2. She needs to make up her mind…all season she cried that the distance was no good for them, now being apart is a good thing? We all knew that this was coming but it is always sad when a marriage ends.

  3. This was inevitable. Cynthia can do so much better & she will once she gets out of this marriage, sad as that is. Sometimes it’s good to listen to family advice, they saw a clearer picture of Peter that Cynthia was blind to. I guess she had to live & learn.

    1. I guess Nene was right when she called him a bi**h lol! I disagreed with her then but maybe she knew what was really going on

  4. I’m not surprised. Peter has used her, drained her bank account, has l love for the ladies, his businesses have failed, etc. She would be better off without him. You’re all correct. If she goes back, she’s bonkers. She needs a good psychiatrist to help her figure out why she likes bad guys. Although I don’t know much about Leon he seems like a good father to Noel. Duh…I just noticed Noel is Leon backwards…who knew. Prob everyone but me!

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