Cynthia Bailey Burns NeNe Leakes Friendship Contract


On this week of RHOA, Cynthia Bailey wanted everyone to know that her friendship with NeNe Leakes was officially over. So what did she do? She burned their infamous ‘Friendship Contract’ that dates all the way back to season 3.

“It’s over,” Cynthia tells her husband Peter and her sister Malorie as she burns the friendship contract. “Friendship contract is dead! It’s over!”

Watch the show highlight below.

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13 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Burns NeNe Leakes Friendship Contract”

  1. Didn’t Cynthia originally write this contract? Is this her storyline? Still boring. For someone who is over Nene she talks constantly about her.

  2. She was melodramatic when she wrote the contract. I’m not surprised that she’s lost her marbles and is just as dramatic with burning it . *yawn*

  3. Guess Cynthia is not such a smart businesswoman after all. She should have put that silly contract on E-bay and sold to the highest bidder–we would have seen nene squirm and revealed just how “famous” she really is

  4. After nene carried your boring ass on the show until your master peter show up and showed out and dared bravo to fire your boring and girl bye!

  5. I enjoy watching the business side of things when she holds events, who comes into her business, etc…It beats the BS side of NeNe. Don’t really see NeNE doing much of anything but talking about what she does – you never actually see her do any of it. that would be good to watch too.

  6. I’m forever gonna be team Nene and even though she can say and do crazy stuff, I’m always gonna like her. I thought Cynthia was boring even when she was friends with Nene. Now she’s even more boring. I do think she tried to be friends again but Nene wouldn’t let it happen. But yeah, she should’ve sold that contract on eBay and got her a pair of shoes.

  7. Cynthia has become friends with the lower class & she has headed to the dark side for sure. I,too am team Nene all the way. She never hides her true colors. She is plain & straight & one knows where one stands with her. Bad mouthing & putting Nene down with whoever & whenever is not becoming at all.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Starr. The only time you see the “ugly” side of NeNe is when you cross her and have pushed her to the point of no return. Looking back over some of the first episodes of HW you can see her transformation. Yes, she’s made some mistakes, yes she’s gone too far at times. Cynthia calls NeNe a flip flopper. She’s the ULTIMATE flip flopper. She went from being Team NeNe, wanting to kick Kenya’s behind in Anguilla for twerking on Peter to being her best friend and hurling lots of shade NeNe’s way. She needs to take several seats and move along. Friend contract my behind!

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