Cynthia Bailey Believes Kenya Moore Provoked The RHOA Fight, Says Peter Helped Break It Up


Cynthia Bailey appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after a shocking episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired. Cynthia had a lot to say about the fight that occurred at NeNe’s pillow talk party between Apollo, Christopher and Brandon. “First of all I would just like to apologize on behalf of the whole cast tonight, because it was really hard to watch,” Cynthia says. “Never in the history of the show has anyone ever laid hands on each other.”

When asked who she believed caused the fight, Cynthia explained, “Despite the way everything looked, once… and I don’t want to blame everything on Kenya… but once she got up, then that made Brandon get up. Then once Brandon got up, ya know Christopher was already up asking his questions, but once everybody started getting up and aggressive [is what initiated the physical fight].”

Cynthia also explains she was surprised when watching the episode that it looked like Peter was a big part of the fight and she tells Andy he wasn’t. Cynthia says Peter was a very big part of breaking up the fight.

Watch Cynthia discuss the fight below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • PixNTrix

    Cynthia should take a seat and STFU what would Peter do if some man grabbed her arm!!! Nene started the whole thing and btw what the hell was wrong with her that night? Christopher was approaching Kenya while she was seating then his big mouth wife had to pipe in her 2 cents worth. I would stand up too if an upset man approached me. Christopher should have never grabbed Kenya’s arm period end of story. And that convict Apollo is worse then them all…hope he had charges brought against him by Brandon. Let’s see how Fakedra spin this one in her favor…

  • Kimberly Johnson


  • Ciryn Bristoll

    Cynthia is obviously delusional. NeNe started the conversation and that punk-man christoffer walked up towards Kenya like he was gonna charge her.

  • Lisa

    I agree with all of you. I think it was NeNe who actually started it. She should have known better than to bring up some things, but she wanted to stir the pot. Well, I guess it makes good television, huh? I’m sure Bravo was a wee bit happy about that.

  • Oscar

    Cynthia is totally team Nene. She’s such a follower…
    I feel bad for her. She has no backbone in her friendships and even in her relationship…

  • beachgirl

    everybody knows that nene start this fight, she was stirring the pot,she should have left it alone.christopher and kenya was at fault by getting out of their seat. they should have answer the questions in their seat , christropher did grab kenya arm. thats not his wife to be touching her like that, peter was not trying to stop the fight, why was he punching brandon and appolo was acting like an inmate both mens should be held accountable for their actions.brandon should press charges on both of them. more charges for appolo. please dont drop the soap.! peter you are a grown ass old man to act like this. these guys could be your son grow up.