Cynthia Bailey Appalled By NeNe, Phaedra And Porsha’s Behavior


Cynthia Bailey is talking about some of the ladies behavior in Puerto Rico on this week’s episode of RHOA. Cynthia says she was appalled by NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha’s behavior and gives Claudia props for standing up to NeNe. What do you think of Kenya’s desired assistant qualifications?
Cynthia Bailey: I love my friendship with Kenya, but be very clear, I could never work for my girl! However, I would hire anyone who has worked and trained under her, because by the time Kenya finishes with them, they will be qualified to work for The White House, FBI, CIA, and Oprah. How did you feel about NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha’s behavior?
CB: It was appalling to watch grown women be so rude and disrespectful to Demetria for no apparent reason. To my knowledge when Demetria came into this group of ladies, she had no real issues with any of them. Early on, she did express some concern about Kenya being linked to Roger Bobb in a blog, but after the ladies met and talked, they moved on. I felt that both Demetria and Claudia were genuinely excited and open to getting to know all of the ladies without preconceived conceptions or judgments. Unfortunately their optimism was met with shade, attitude, sarcasm, rudeness, mockery, and eye-rolling. Were you shocked that NeNe and Claudia got in it?
CB: Claudia is funny, smart, opinionated, and very quick on her feet. She is not afraid to defend herself and can obviously read with the best of them. Claudia’s smooth, effortless, and unbothered reading skills definitely left an impression on the ladies! Some more than others. To be continued…

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14 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Appalled By NeNe, Phaedra And Porsha’s Behavior”

    1. I agree! They act like NeNe-ites! NeNe’s living dead girls….If she laughs so do they. I can only say that these women are very immature. Phaedra, as much education she has, makes her behavior a complete surprise to me. I can only think that she may be going through something after Apollo’s conviction.

      1. The only one who does not act like a jealous two year old is Kenya. The others are always pointing fingures and crying about one says about the other. Cynthia, Kenya, Nene, Phae, Demetria, Porsha and Claudia need to grow up and stop pointing fingers.

    2. Demetria did not deserve the disrespect shown. But, she did go out of her way to make sure everyone knew she was a Kenya fan. Therefore, get what you give.

  1. These three “ladies” should be replaced.
    Nene is totally stale and bitter.
    Phaedra is the biggest lair on the show. Apollo called her out and she just walked away…f’ing coward. Porsha is a MORON…how she even gets thru a day is beyond me…total IDIOT.

  2. NeNe needs to remember where she came from. I just watched a few season one episodes and perhaps she needs to go back and watch them to remember herself that she is not the Queen of America.

  3. I like Nene and Phaedra, but they clearly started all the drama. Who I didn’t expect it from was Phaedra. I don’t particularly like Claudia but demetria obviously didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Claudia didn’t either, I just don’t care for her.

  4. Funny how Cynthia was never appalled by Nene’s actions before. Not sure it didn’t bother Cynthia when they called the girls beasts. Oh that’s right Cynthia has to stick with someone since she has no storyline except Peter taking her money and is so boring.

    1. Amen, she is like the unpopular girl trying hard to fit in with anyone she thinks will make her matter. She Just isn’t entertaining. Surely her reputation as a model and the time she has spent on RHOA will be plenty to assure success with her modeling agency. I hope Bravo doesn’t torture us with her after this season.

  5. Would Bravo consider losing Cynthia Bailey? She is not entertaining at all. I like some of the women and dislike some of the women at different times for different reasons, but Cynthia is so bland. I think she looks like she is on a heavy duty sedative. I think she believes herself to be wise and above all the drama. Also, the terms “shade” and “read” are so last year. So, please Bravo, as you are relieving your audience of the most boring housewife there is, please relieve us of these over used terms and find something fresh and new.

  6. I Just looked up “The Bailey Agency” website. Wondering what there could possibly be for sale, I hit the “Shop” tab. Do you all know you can buy a Kenya Moore calendar for $29.95?

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