Cynthia Bailey Allegedly Kicks Porsha Williams In Stomach While Filming RHOA


According to a new report, another physical altercation happened while The Real Housewives of Atlanta were filming recently. TMZ reports that Porsha Williams was rushed to the ER after Cynthia Bailey allegedly kicked her in the stomach.

The two women were reportedly on a boat in Atlanta when they starting arguing. After Porsha called Cynthia a bitch, Cynthia tried to walk to the other side of the boat, but Porsha followed. Porsha reportedly got in Cynthia’s face, and Cynthia allegedly kicked Porsha in the stomach. Producers came in before Porsha could react and restrained her.

Photo Credit: Bravo


18 Replies to “Cynthia Bailey Allegedly Kicks Porsha Williams In Stomach While Filming RHOA”

  1. Porsha is a special kind of stupid and annoying and whilst I believe there is no excuse for physical action (and we must remember that Porsha would go to the hospital for a mozzie bite to get some press) but I reckon She could annoy the most zen spiritual person to give her a good back hander!

    1. She maybe annoying there is NEVER an excuse for physical violence from anyone! My husband annoys me at times but I just walk away that is what civilized people do!

  2. Why oh why! Physical violence is not right in any case! No balls!!!! just brainless there are people that have to put up with this from their spouse on a regular basis. Why do they need to do it on a TV show!!! I didn’t like Cynthia before and don’t like her now! I am off OC now because of Vicky and Brooks now I am off ATL!

    1. I have been off ATL…and at this rate…I may be off all. Atlanta has too many people who are just plain…to put it mildly…ignorant and crass.

  3. Aw…Porsha probably got in Cynthia’s face, sprayed spittle and Cynthia reacted as most people would do by removing the problem. Porsha confused Cynthia’s reticence to engage with cowardice, as opposed restraint.

  4. How do u come to the point of kicking? I can understand if it was a push, a slap, a punch, how do u get to the point that u feel the need to kick somebody unless you’re on the ground. Maybe she takes karate 😉

  5. Porsha is HIDEOUS and could drive anyone over the edge. OMG How I prayed she would get fired after she attacked Kenya. I cant stand her. Sorry!

  6. This goes to show do what length bravo and Andy will stoop! This is atrocious and why is dummy Porscha even in this show??? I have up on RHOA because I couldn’t find ONE lady to root for. It really is a horrible digusting spectacle of a show

  7. Miss non violence got violent? Hmmm….she’s really amping it up to pay for Peters failing ventures. His business did get that eviction notice not that long ago.

  8. nene/ stripper/felon,
    fakefra/ shady married to a felon
    por-sha/ married a gay guy (too stupid to know the difference)
    cynthia/shady, owes money, angry
    rhoa=== thugs, felons, strippers and stupid black women who embarrass themselves each episode.

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