Court Documents Reveal Details About Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd’s Finances


Secrets of Lisa Vanderpump’s businesses and finances are being revealed in new court documents obtained by RadarOnline. As we previously reported, former Villa Blanca employee Karina Bustillos was honored $100,000 after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against the RHOBH star.

While dealing with the lawsuit, Vanderpump and Todd asked the judge to “exclude evidence, argument, and/or reference to [their] personal wealth/financial condition” from court, so as not to influence the jury in their decision.

According to court documents, Todd and Vanderpump filed “an unaudited Profit and Loss Statement [for 2013] claiming [Blanca Investments LLC] only made around $80,000 [per year] and that its net worth is a mere $200,000.”

That’s $50,000 less than the amount Ken Todd told the court he had invested from his own personal bank account when the company was founded in 2009. Although he is the principal investor, Ken seemed confused about the logistics of the company when he was questioned in court on June 6th.

“Well, the company was set up by Lisa,” he said. “I would have thought I would be the manager and the president, but I don’t know.”

In Lisa’s deposition, she also seemed confused about the operations of her business. When asked about the address for Blanca Investments, she said “Oh I haven’t been there, I don’t think… I don’t really get involved with .. All those kinds of legalities.”

Vanderpump was also unclear as to whether her company is named Villa Blanca LLC or Blanca Investments LLC, telling the court, “I’m not very good at all of this. Again, I just have to say I don’t know.”

When asked whether she held board meetings to get to the bottom of such issues, Lisa joked that she and Todd “meet in the bedroom, not the boardroom.”

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8 Replies to “Court Documents Reveal Details About Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd’s Finances”

  1. I have never understood why people worship Lisa the way they do. I like her on the show and she’s fun to watch because of her glamourous lifestyle but I would not be surprised if she’s hiding stuff.

  2. Love Lisa and. Ken on the show, but of course they are hiding their finances….just like all the other housewives–ALL of them. name one who is not open about their finances–JUST one….

    1. This is a legal matter. Why lump in all the others with these two? That’s not rational. Ken and Lisa have created a brand which has sold quite well. This issue of hiding money is about ONLY them. Not good to make up stories about the others.

  3. “Oh, I don’t know”, “I don’t know”. Whatever, Lisa. If you don’t know basic things like the name of the company, you’re too stupid to be in business.

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