Court Date Set For RHONJ Brawl! Chris & Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, John Karagiorgis To Face Judge!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey brawl that took place at the opening of POSCHE 2 is making headlines again because the parties involved in the fight will be facing a judge in court on September 5th! Chris and Jacqueline Laurita and Joe Gorga allegedly attacked John Karagiorgis at the event, leaving the place wrecked and Johnny with a bloody face.

Joe was angry because he thought Johnny was setting Melissa up by bringing her ex-boyfriend, Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen back into the picture, and Bulldog’s numerous tweets to Penny and Johnny suggest they are friendly.

Chris Laurita, on the other hand, was reportedly irate because Johnny allegedly said something insulting about the Laurita’s 3-year-old autistic son, Nicholas. Johnny denied saying anything about Nicholas on Twitter, tweeting he would never say anything about a child.

Jacqueline Laurita was also involved when she allegedly took off her stiletto and hit Johnny over the head with it.

After assault and terroristic threat charges filed on both ends, they will meet in court on September 5th to see what happens next.

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4 Replies to “Court Date Set For RHONJ Brawl! Chris & Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, John Karagiorgis To Face Judge!”

  1. I don’t like Joe Gorga or his wife Melissa, they are both insecure and yes Joe Mellisa is jealous of your sister. Just know that Blood is thicker than Water. One day she will leave you for her FATE signing career and then what? Yes, I thought so calling your Blood Sister Theresa it’s really a shame. This is your only Sister Fool

  2. PLEASE? If anyone has watched this show people know SOMEONE set up Melissa, AND shame on that pussy John WHATEVER for tweeting about Chris and Jacqueline’s son! WTH? ANY man who hides behind a computer screen is EXACTLY what Jaqueline said he was – A BITCH! These no name assholes who want to put in their two cents on things they know NOTHING about is a PUSSY! Now, FACE THE CONSEQUENCES of those you talk about JOHN WHATEVER THE FUCK YOUR NAME IS! TWEET THAT! Shame on YOU and your ugly wife PENNY who looks like a crack whore gone wild! FYI John WTFYNI, tell your wife to STOP going on camera, I’m surprised it hasn’t broken yet! HER OUTSIDE LOOKS ARE AS UGLY AS YOUR HEART! She’s a TWIT and you’re a BITCH Johnny Boy! I don’t blame Jacqueline for implanting her heel in your SORRY ass! Sit on it AND SPIN! I hope the Judge sentences YOU, JOHNNY, to whatever the consequences that Chris and Jacqueline deem fit! Oh, and YOU, John WTFYNI, you are an UGLY, small, half baldheaded POS! SHAME ON YOU! Oh, and I think PENNY the ninny is FULL OF SHIT about Teresa talking about Melissa! Teresa ALWAYS looks too surprised when someone says something about Melissa AND she takes herself AWAY from the conversation – ITS ALL ON CAMERA! PENNY AND HER HUSBAND JOHN ARE LOWLIFE, WHITE TRASH, PIECES OF SHIT WHO JUST WANT TO BE ON TV! ONLY THING IS, since you can’t fix UGLY, DON’T, PLEASE DON’T try to go on TV anymore!

    1. Who ever this “Robyn” is I believe they are in the MeHo camp and just posted a whole bunch of lies. Outrageous statements such as those need proof. Was “Robyn” there?

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