Countess LuAnn Performs New Single ‘Girl Code’ On WWHL

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Real Housewives of New York City star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps performed her new song ‘Girl Code’ on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night with the help of her daughter Victoria.

LuAnn wrote, “I’m excited to announce the drop of my new dance single “Girl Code: Don’t Be So Uncool” which I debuted on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live this week (check it out) and at the NYC Pride Parade on June 28th! My song will be available to buy on July 1st, so stay tuned to @CountessLuann on Twitter.”

Watch the performance below.

What are your thoughts on the song? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I don’t know what makes LuAnn think she can sing. She reminds me of Kermit D Frog “singing”. Sorry Kermit.

I like the song and her daughter is great…much better than Gia Giudice IMHP

Moriah, I completely agree, it is a catchy little tune and her daughter is great, much better than Gia.

People should stop critiquing LuAnn’s singing. It’s obvious she is not trying to be a professional singer, she’s having fun and it is great to see her having a creative outlet.

Although it’s obviously auto-tuned to the hilt, it’s actually a surprisingly catchy tune. I was really pleasently surprised, especially after her first foray into the music scene. But man oh man I think it was Sonja’s turn to pay the Countess back for crotch patrol with that skirt LuAnn wore!

Karen, you noticed that too, great payback for Sonja. I was pleasantly surprised by the catchy little tune.

She has reattach legs though! 😉

Oops damn auto correct! Great legs…. geeze I hope her legs are attached! LOL!

I am still LOL over this one. I hate autocorrect when it really messes up. It happens to me lots and of course, I usually notice after I hit send or post. That said, I love the reattach…still makes me laugh, though I figured from the start it was not intentional! It is not like we are talking about an ex NY Housewife who had to reattach a leg. 🙂

Good one!

Luann can’t dance and needs auto tune, but whatever she did, the song is danceable and memorable, so I think she got lucky with this one. I wish her well. She seems to really enjoy it, lip-synching and all. Her daughter sure helps her out and is quite attractive.

It is a catchy little tune and she had fun with it.

LOL & having her daughter awkwardly dancing in the back is just too much to handle!!!!

She must have inherited her mom’s lack of the dancing gene…or whatever, but she is gorgeous and tall and that is nice to inherit. The guys with the muscles in the background were odd too. It seemed there was no routine, just winging it.

Yeah, I agree Sandra- but, all that aside I really like this song. I have to say it’s the ONLY Housewife song I’ve ever liked (aside from Kandi’s professional stuff).

Yes, I said that above. It is danceable and memorable…a catchy tune.

I love it… Kudos to her! She is not trying to be a Mariah Carrey, it’s for pure fun, that was accomplished!

I enjoyed it all, Loved the song. Luann looked lovely.

OMG that was HILARIOUS! Andy cracks me the hell up. You know, good for her. She’s having fun because she CAN. I’m not running out to buy it, but I’m not throwing her any shade for it either.

I like the song. So happy to see her daughter in the performance; she did really good singing & dancing. Andy always cracks me up! It was fun to watch!