Countess LuAnn Caught Bringing Home A Married Man On RHONY


The drama went spiraling out of control on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York when Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill woke up with a strange naked man in the bedroom next to them that Ramona Singer had brought home to have some fun with.

When they went to confront Ramona, who was extremely hungover and embarrassed, she pretended to be asleep and eventually told them to ask to LuAnn about who the guy was and how he got upstairs.

“Some guy that LuAnn’s friend brought home,” Ramona claimed. “What are you screaming about? I don’t know anything, talk to LuAnn.”

“Bullsh*t, Singer,” Thomson yelled. “Get up! I would never do that to you… you sent him up to our room!”

“I was in no mood to deal with Heather,” Ramona confessed. “So, I punted it to LuAnn.”

An emotional Heather questions, “Oh my god. I come with my friends on a nice trip and they bring a stranger that you don’t even know, when you’ve been drinking and you’re judgement’s impaired and you let them sleep right across from me and Carole? It’s so insane.”

Next, Heather went to confront LuAnn, who was in bed asleep, about the mystery man.

“We came back for drinks,” LuAnn explained. “The guy that I was talking to and with left.” She explained that Ramona was with the man upstairs, “We were all here together.”

Watch what happened when Heather and Carole confronted Ramona and LuAnn:

When LuAnn got out of bed, Heather tried to explain why she was scared, but LuAnn thought she was overreacting.

“Don’t be uncool,” LuAnn said. “That’s not the Heather I know. You’re usually really cool. So be cool… don’t be all like… uncool.”

Watch the second part of the show highlight below:

But what’s not cool? When it was revealed the guy LuAnn brought home was actually married…

Kristen revealed that her friend Alex “tried to push the guys out of the car last night, he didn’t want them back here and you guys insisted on having them there. There was a little bit of making out on the deck… and he said that you’re man was married.”

“Oh. Well… sh*t happens,” LuAnn said, laughing off the situation.

Watch the third part of the show highlight below:

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