Countess LuAnn Caught Bringing Home A Married Man On RHONY


The drama went spiraling out of control on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York when Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill woke up with a strange naked man in the bedroom next to them that Ramona Singer had brought home to have some fun with.

When they went to confront Ramona, who was extremely hungover and embarrassed, she pretended to be asleep and eventually told them to ask to LuAnn about who the guy was and how he got upstairs.

“Some guy that LuAnn’s friend brought home,” Ramona claimed. “What are you screaming about? I don’t know anything, talk to LuAnn.”

“Bullsh*t, Singer,” Thomson yelled. “Get up! I would never do that to you… you sent him up to our room!”

“I was in no mood to deal with Heather,” Ramona confessed. “So, I punted it to LuAnn.”

An emotional Heather questions, “Oh my god. I come with my friends on a nice trip and they bring a stranger that you don’t even know, when you’ve been drinking and you’re judgement’s impaired and you let them sleep right across from me and Carole? It’s so insane.”

Next, Heather went to confront LuAnn, who was in bed asleep, about the mystery man.

“We came back for drinks,” LuAnn explained. “The guy that I was talking to and with left.” She explained that Ramona was with the man upstairs, “We were all here together.”

Watch what happened when Heather and Carole confronted Ramona and LuAnn:

When LuAnn got out of bed, Heather tried to explain why she was scared, but LuAnn thought she was overreacting.

“Don’t be uncool,” LuAnn said. “That’s not the Heather I know. You’re usually really cool. So be cool… don’t be all like… uncool.”

Watch the second part of the show highlight below:

But what’s not cool? When it was revealed the guy LuAnn brought home was actually married…

Kristen revealed that her friend Alex “tried to push the guys out of the car last night, he didn’t want them back here and you guys insisted on having them there. There was a little bit of making out on the deck… and he said that you’re man was married.”

“Oh. Well… sh*t happens,” LuAnn said, laughing off the situation.

Watch the third part of the show highlight below:

Whose side are you on? Comment below!

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  • One Rotten Egg

    I’m siding with Heather on this one….only because stranger could have walked off with their stuff or took pics and sell to tabloids, etc…

    • Kim.

      Right! LuAnn is a little creepy. If LuAnn wants to pick up strange men, she should do so in the privacy of her own home. It’s not fair to jeopardize the health and safety of her housemates.

  • Aunt Bee

    The countASS and Ramona make me sick. So clASSy. They better go get shots for VD.

    • Sandra

      Too bad there are no shots to cure the other STDs… They acted like hormonal teenagers…immature. I am on Heather’s side. Such risky behavior puts everyone in jeopardy. I would be appalled too if I was in that house, with or without an adjoining room. Anything could happen with strangers, especially when you are wealthy and somewhat of a celebrity.

      • Aunt Bee

        Other commenters talked about the film people and security being in the house. Why in the heck would those people question or watch someone that Lu or Ro brought home as guests.? Heather had every right to be upset.

        • Sandra

          I would hope they had some security person for them just as protection, but they cannot stop them from bringing guests. It is women behaving badly and putting others at risk. Ramona and Luann made errors in judgment, but thankfully no one was hurt…as far as we know, anyway,

    • Anonymous

      That made me laugh Aunt Bee

      • CassyJ

        Don’t know why but it my name wasn’t in the box but it was me who you made laugh with the countASS comment. ;))

        • Aunt Bee

          Thanks for the laugh CassyJ

  • funkypink2014

    Both Luann and Ramona are gross!!! Luann you are a slut pig!

  • starr

    Heather was 100% right & for Luann to casually dismiss that the man was married,was totally disateful. Their behaviour does not suit their ages. They are behaving like desperate, hormonal teenagers with no morals or values. Shame on Luann & Ramona.

    • Aunt Bee

      Miss Prim and Proper – the queen of etiquette and class, sure is showing her true colors in this one.

  • Anonymous

    Lu needs to get over herself. She’s either more royal than thou (what a joke.) or she’s acting like an over-sexed sorority girl.

    • Aunt Bee


  • As annoying as Luann is, it seems it was Ramona’s “date” that was upstairs naked. As usual she doesn’t cop to anything and blames anyone else she can. In a few days she will have concocted a story that sounds reasonable. I would have been a little upset if I had found a naked stranger a room away, too. But this isn’t Top Model where they are all under 25. And the part about the one guy being married? He is the one who is responsible for being married, not Luann. How many men are married with no ring acting like they’re single? A lot.

  • Lisa

    It was Luanne’s reaction to finding out that she had just slept with someone’s husband that was appalling not that she didn’t have him checked out first. I guess that is the downside of sleeping with people you just met. You have no idea of their status on anything, disease, mental illness, past violence, marital status.

    • So true, just sayin’. Men that are out in bars where cougars haunt are not sharing their marital status.

  • itsme

    I think LuAnns showed her true colors. Wearing sunglasses to cover up her hung-over eyes. Saying, “Not really” when asked if it would bother her that a stranger was sleeping feet away from her. Shrugging her shoulders when it was disclosed her lover was married. I’m sure it was old news to her. Her “girl code” is much different than others. Did she mean “Rich, entitled, heartless, white bitch girl friend code”?

    • Aunt Bee

      LOL & ITA

  • Jody

    Carole and Heather are a couple of country bumpkins. They don’t fit in with the New York bunch. They have a lot to learn. I lived in the Berkshires for six years. It’s redneck country.

    • Sandra

      Ha ha. They are so far from country bumpkins. I guess if you can ever live in the Berkshires, that makes you less urban? They live in New York, but maybe they are just too smart for this bunch…or just have more common sense. I like them both more than the others myself. I think they add to the mix. Too many of the same kind is quite boring.

      • Jody

        Sandra I’m originally from New York. Either Heather or Carole grew up in the Berkshires. I’m a native New Yorker.

        • Sandra

          I know Carole grew up in Suffern, NY, just over the NJ border, not even close to the Berkshires. She spent summers at her grandparents in upstate NY, which is also not the Berkshires. Is she a country bumpkin? I don’t think so. She had an aunt in NYC that she visited too. I don’t know about Heather.
          So, if you did not grow up in the city, you are a country bumpkin? I don’t get that vibe from either of them. Everyone enjoys a break from the concrete jungle once in a while.
          Here is a little bit about Carole. http://www.caroleradziwill.com/bio/my-story

      • Sandra,
        You are probably Heather or Carole

  • Melodie

    Everyone needs to just relax. Listen if Luann was with a man and he didn’t tell her he was married, not that it mattered it’s not Luann’s issue its the guys issues. Luann is headed back to NY in a day and he is stuck with the mess. You guys all act like Luann is the only woman who has ever slept with a married man. Do you know how many men hook up with women and lie to them about their status. Geez. you guys need to stop this crap. Luann is a big girl she has had a marriage that did not fail on her part, her ex went off with some indian princess or something. Luann had no idea and as many times as Ramona has opened her big trap Luann was true to her marriage and the count wasn’t SO at this point Luann if your happy go for it. IF Lu had nothing to do with the naked guy in the house (which I think she did not) Ramona is the one who needs a brush up on what and what not to do when you bring a man home to a house with 5 other women in it. Ramona AGAIN does not take responsibility for her actions and as she said “She punted it to Luanne” When you leave anywhere with someone (which is also stupid) you make the rules right up front. “were going to head back to our villa to enjoy a drink and dance a little BUT when we decide the night is over you guys have to get out on your own with your own transportation. Maybe Im just too literal for these women.
    I don’t care what Lu and Mona did they are grown women, not married and have no significant others waiting at home. Enjoy have fun and make sure you protect yourself because if your guy frequents that bar Im sure he has had a few of the nasty women who give it out for free.

  • Danijf

    ITA Melodie….. Well said!

  • Krysti

    If Heather knew he was a married man then Luann must have known that too. Nothing has changed from previous seasons – when they were all on another vacation she bought home a man whilst she was dating that French guy. She is one shameless slut.

  • DebBrenn

    I sure hope I never again hear either 1) “I don’t lie” out of Ramona’s face, or 2) lectures from LuAnn on how to behave with class. Somehow, I’m sure I will hear both many more times.

  • starr

    Luann & Ramona both have young daughters & when their lives are before t he world or even if not, still an awful example to set. AGAIN, Shame on them both.

  • Judge Judy

    Wasn’t LuAnn lecturing everyone that saying the “f” word was so very classless, and yet she’s cheated on one boyfriend with a one night stand on one trip and this time had another one night stand with a married man, and responded “Sh*t happens?” Money can’t buy you cla-a-a-ss!

    I agree with Carole that it’s very unlikely Carole and Heather wanted to see LuAnn naked, let alone in the act. But if LuAnn is so worried about her “privacy” perhaps she should keep her legs closed when a camera crew is there and her kids will surely know she’s boinking married strangers.