Could RHONY Be Cancelled?

Reports about this season of The Real Housewives of New York continue to surface that the upcoming season was boring.

“They are talking about cutting down the number of episodes in the series this year,” said one source familiar with the show, first reported by Page Six.

“The problem is that no one except Countess LuAnn has a storyline,” the source continued. Bethenny’s divorce has been going on so long that it is no longer interesting. Carole’s book with her boyfriend looks like it’s never going to get published, and Sonja is still talking about launching a Tipsy Girl cocktail,” according to a source at RadarOnline.

“They have been filming for weeks and still have no show,” a source previously stated. “It is starting to feel like a disaster.”

“The only story that they have is LuAnn’s big wedding and she didn’t allow the show’s cameras inside to film it,” the source said.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Those broads are boring…it should have been cancelled years ago

  • Real Sandy

    I don’t believe any of this. The new previews look great. NY will never be cancelled any time soon. They are the most interesting group and the most intelligent…along with most of BH IMHO.

  • Stuart Cooper

    The fact that the cast confirm filming has finished totally contradicts this. Only the rating figures will cause it to be cancelled. If the housewives shows are getting dull they just change up the cast

  • Michelle

    I think NY is my favorite bunch of ladies and I for one don’t have a need for the drama, cat fights, back biting etc that comes with being a HW, so if this episode is about show casing a bunch of beautiful wealthy women enjoying each other’s company and having fun and travelling; then I’m in! I’m going to drop NJ this coming season and now that Heather is gone from OC I’m not keen to watch anymore.

  • JJgal

    Noooo! I love the RHONY! I’ll be bummed if they get canceled. I feel they are a lot more entertaining than others (i.e RHOBH).

  • One Rotten Egg

    “Countess” LuAnn should no longer be able to use that title. We should change it to “Countless”.

  • barbara

    I like these women, well most of them, and I don’t need a lot of back stabbing or crudeness to keep my attention.

  • beargirl

    I think I forgot the premise of the HW franchises. When was it advertised that any of these franchises would be a week-to-week series of The Fast and The Furious? I thought these were franchises of groups of women in different parts of this county and other locations about their lives, their loves, the businesses, the entertaining, the fashion and, of course, their inter-personal relationships. Perhaps the word ‘boring’ is a bit strong. If you are not interested in a particular issue, that’s OK. The remote is surely close by. There are times where the bitchiness, the foul language (Rinna) is a bit much, but it does let us all look into the windows of their worlds………and…..that’s entertainment…..IMHO.

    • I agree, beargirl. I accidentally saw the first RHONY reunion, channel surfing. When I saw Bethenny I said to myself “that is the girl from the Martha Stewart’s Apprentice Season.” Since there was only one season, it was a cinch. And, Bethenny is very unique, in looks and personality. So, I looked it up on youtube, then on Amazon and got hooked. I thought it was a look into their lives, mostly lives in the high 2% of income, and those trying for it. I personally didn’t think Tom making out at the entrance of the bar was set up. What? Bethenny asked Tom to make out with some ex playmate so a bunch of onlookers could take videos & she could pretend to tell Luann…..I have no idea how any of that could have been “set up.” That was real, and the way Luann reacted was real. I always wondered how Luann got all the men, to be honest. I think she is ugly, inside to out, outside to in. Maybe that’s why she had to act the whore, to get men into bed! But her kids are lovely, so she did something right. I wish she would just have been herself. If anyone was not real, it was her, IMO. Atlanta is the only city that bores me, especially when they go off in that different speech pattern. Phaedra is famous for sounding like the intelligent woman she is until she gets together with any of the other women, then she falls into that other language, that I seriously do not understand no matter how much I concentrate on listening. Anyway, NY won’t be cancelled. This article doesn’t even give the source, big red flag right there. This was to see who would respond.

      • beargirl

        Interesting that you are not into Atlanta. I can’t stand that franchise and will not watch it. They are just too ‘over the top’ and not believable. I do watch all the others. I never thought I would get hooked, but I did, and started watching the very first season of the OC. As for lifestyles, love, love, love Beverly Hills, then the OC. My son lives outside of Dallas so there were locations I am familiar with. I grew in Jersey and knew Franklin Lakes before it became an upscale town, in fact, I grew up just a few towns away. New York is what it is, they are in the greatest city in the world. I really started to like the ladies in Potomac and hope their season does well. Love the ladies of Melbourne and London along with some Southern Charm. I really started to dislike the shows on network TV, the big three networks and then along came Bravo. Not the only shows I watch, but they are fun.

  • sundayhare3

    They are all boring. BH has a story line? What that Kim sober/not sober? Orange County has nothing. Atlanta is rehashing too. They are all recycling and boring and nit picking. It is exhausting not entertaining. Why pick on just N.Y.? I don’t think N.J. has been interesting since the first season. Start over with something new. These are not our friends, and we don’t care about there petty squabbles and petty arguments anymore.

  • Apple

    I never thought the Housewives franchises were about “story lines”. They are not scripted shows, designed to arc and wrap up in 12-20 episodes. They are reality shows and the fun is never knowing what is going to happen next. I think forcing them into the story board mold will be the end of them and actually, that is what is wrong with NYC. Last season was contrived and unnatural, and the whole Tom cheating on Luann thing felt like a set up…by Bethenny….to create a “story line” and there was nothing “be real” about it.

    • I’m curious, how could Bethenny have actually set that up? As I mentioned above, did she ask Tom to get shit faced & make out with some ex playmate at the entrance to the Regency Hotel Bar, and allow a couple hundred onlookers to video him so that Bethenny would “somehow be sent one?”

    • Michelle

      I don’t think the story line was set up but I do think BRAVO encouraged/exploited Bethenny into sharing what she knew just to create a new “story line”. I think B and L were genuinely gutted and all the emotions we saw was real. I think BRAVO was disgusting for doing this. It was not necessary for us to see the pain of either lady. Unfortunately I don’t really know that line of TMI (that’s my family’s accusation), but even I thought I didn’t need to see that.

      • Apple

        I don’t see anyone “exploiting” Bethenny, Michelle. I think she does whatever she wants to do…and even if I believe her version of the story, (which I don’t) she used the pictures she was sent to hurt and humiliate another woman and broadcast it all over the world. She then made that woman’s pain all about her…”fake crying” and hawking her booze though-out the entire scene.
        And about the TMI…I wanna party with you, girl!

        • Michelle

          Apple, we can party any time but I won’t be bringing my “hand/emergency brake” husband with me.

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    Cancel it…cuz the Jill Zarin cameo ain’t it either. Last season was all about LuAnn drama and I don’t want to see that again. I believe the rumors, those girls were barely able to scratch out some storylines last year and if she STILL talking about TipsyGirl then the struggle is real, cancel it