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10 comments on “Contact Us

    • Porsha & Kenya both should be fired. Kenya is crazy person & Porsha is in need of attention for anyone that will give it to her neither of the ladys are housewife material!!!

  1. After the fight between Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice, there is black stuff all over everyone. What was it? It was Joe Gorga’s fake hair that came off!!

    • The new cast sucks I am over it I may watch the other but New Jersey cook off the best Caroline and her boys and the family this more interesting than the rest of the showso I don’t have any interest I am watching the train wreck

  2. With all the bickering going on about who was wor was not offered malibu country roles..seems odd an oc housewife would be a first choice request before one of the Richard sisters…any chance you can find out if they were also offered the part? If so it would certainly take some of the air out of this bickering balloon.

  3. Hi Yolanda,

    I am writing to ask you if you or one of your staff could send me the recipe for your cleansing product. It may be a secret in which case I apologize for the intrusion into your life

    You are great. My favorite. little about me: 66 years old, married to a wonderful man, oldest of 11, and mom of 2, grandma of 7. live in the midwest, and have a wonderful life. :-)

    Sinerely , Mary

  4. And what are all the above comments supposed to mean? So what is with the yellow flags?
    Once again I ask.
    You know what you had Cancer. Well Hon I had Cancer twice. Stage 4. I am not going to go
    into this with you again. Grow the fuck up. Get over it and thank God that you are alive and
    stop your fucking moaning about it . I now have had Basil cell cancer

  5. Now I had it removed a year ago. I can lose my eye and part of my
    left side of my nose. You know what shit head because they think
    that it might have come back. So watchout

  6. Aren’t I special made the list twice. The second sounds like a threat but was not. I meant be careful in the
    sunshine. Really Nickie respond please about this email.

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