More Confessions About LuAnn’s Fiance Tom D’Agostino

A lot of this season of The Real Housewives of New York City has been about Luann de Lessep’s road to the altar with her man Tom D’agostino and tonight’s was no different. However, some footage that was filmed on December 7th — appeared to stir up some drama that caused the last few weeks before Luann’s wedding to be stressful.

The ladies gathered at a pre-holiday celebration at Dorinda Medley’s Beauty for Freedom charity event.

Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer avoided one another, Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan had another roommate exchange and Carole Radziwill caught up with Luann’s friend, Barbara Kavovit. Although not all of their conversation was picked up for the show, Carole was mic’d so we could hear what they were saying.

When asked if she was excited about heading to Luann’s wedding in Palm Beach, Kavovit told Radziwill, “Honestly? No.”

“I think she has something to prove,” Kavovit said. “She’d rather go through with it and get divorced than call it off.”

Carole, who was shocked, brought up infidelity rumors from last year that we saw on-camera.

According to Radziwill, that might not have been Tom’s only infidelity. “What about him?” she asked Kavovit. “There’s so many rumors that he hangs at the Regency still, hooks up with women …”

“That’s pathetic,” Kavovit agreed, adding she had passed the claims back to Luann. “I told her.”

“She could be making the biggest mistake of her life,” Radziwill confessed. “If Luann is seriously having second thoughts, I think she’s making a big mistake in going through with the marriage. I don’t think she’s blind to the stories that she hears about Tom. Luann is the great pretender and she’s never going to let us see her falter.”

“I think maybe [Luann’s] putting her head in the sand,” Singer said earlier. “It’s almost like she’s being blind. She’s not looking to what’s going on … It’s pretty obvious she’s made her bed and she’s in love, she wants to marry Tom, and that’s it.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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22 Replies to “More Confessions About LuAnn’s Fiance Tom D’Agostino”

  1. Lot revealed in this week’s episode. Yet another person who is actually friends of Lu claiming Tom cheats.

    Ramona–you dont look sexy at all when you flirt; it looks STUPID, especially with your overhauled, overly tight facelift.

    1. Ramona is a shark trolling the streets. She has no shame or self respect. She purposely went after the man Bethenny had talked to for Sonja. What a lousy friend she is!

  2. All LuAnn is looking for is another pay out in a divorce settlement when she divorces him a few years down the road.

    1. Then she´ll say Tom had a title and she will call herself the Duchess of SoHo…..or the Baroness or TriBeCa

  3. December 7th. That sounds like Pearl Harbor Day. I guess that was why they chose the day…to start another war. 😉

  4. I think Luann wants to be married to a wealthy guy (and she is) and the more others may say about him, the more she wants to prove them wrong.
    So far Bethenny has been a drag not showing up to events and just her picking and choosing who she wants to film with. I guess maybe her contract lets her do that?
    Tinsley acts quite juvenile.

    1. I agree. By the way, I can’t thumbs up or down cause the site says I’m not logged in. I have no idea what one has to do to get logged in.

    2. I think they are all allowed to decline events for personal reasons. There have been many such times during the years of the show. Luann rarely shows at events either, so it must be in her contract too, again, for personal reasons. I believe they all have the right to stay away from HW they see as toxic, especially when it brings up their small children, as Ramona did. I read somewhere on here that she didn’t attend Dorinda’s charity event, and a bunch of nasty insults ensuing from that incorrect information. She not only went, she donated and helped when the bidding wasn’t happening. She spent a large part of the evening over at the table of articles to be bid on for the important charity work explaining what the items were and about the need for money for this great cause. So, she went to the ones I believe important, gave and helped, Ramona’s surprise BD party didn’t measure up to being important, IMO. I would never allow someone who so blatantly put my young Daughter in the spotlight negatively on camera into my life again. Ramona needs help.
      How is it back East these days Sandy? All the beauty life has to offer hopefully, for you and your wonderful family.

  5. I am bored with the constant commentary and gossip,regarding Luann & Tom.
    If, he is such a lowly creature why have all these Women dipped into the ” Tom Pond”?
    This reminds me of their other mutuial “Pass Around Lotherio”, Harry Dubin.
    There must be a shortage of Billionaires that enjoy the company of desperate Older Women.
    Sonja, seems the most ” Miffed”. I, gather if tables were turned, Ramona & Sonja would have jumped at the Chance to Marry this old ” Tomcat”..
    If, Luann doesn’t care why should anyone else?
    BTW: Ramona’s ” Pick up Moves” range from clowning to deranged! Too funny..

  6. It is embarrassing watching these aging women mAke fools of themselves with these young men. Too bad we can’t see (in bubbles above their heads) what those guys really think of Ramona, Sonja and Tinsley.

    1. So true, Aunt Bee, they are pathetic. I also feel sorry for Luann’s stupidity & desperation. These women act so low & undignified.

    2. If an older guy walks around with younger arm candy people say he’s a man of leisure and congratulate him….if an older woman dates a younger man then she’s making a fool or herself or she’s a slut…

      Beetch, please

  7. I’m new to this show as you all know and so far I’m bored out of my friggin mind LOL. I hope it picks up soon because it’s already 6 episode in and still NADA ! Just watched the last episode and I was almost dosing off 🙂

    Tinsley is simply ridiculous , I’m sorry. She’s so out of her league with these women and has no business being on this show . That whole bar scene was embarrassingly sad ! Bigly sad ! All the talk about men ‘not on the list ‘ blah blah blah. She was tipsy out of her ass in that bad kissing that boy and just being silly. I have no problem with older women dating younger men ( I LOVE IT ) , but when said older woman is acting foolishly , then we have a problem .. same for Carole, even if I were dating a younger man , I sure as heck wouldn’t be hanging around all his young friends 🙂 LOL, no no no ! I know it’s a bit judegy but as much as I would enjoy banging a 25 year old , I still would have no desire to socialize with his 25 year old friends and pretend that I give a shit what they are talking about

    Ramona trying to flirt was painful to watch and I still think she needs some kind of help. I don’t care enough about her to even bother what that help may be . A bong hit may calm her down 🙂

    I gathered some of the history with Luanne and I think it’s time these women let it go and let her marry the guy already. It’s almost like there’s no other story line other than what a dog Tom is ! Most of these women don’t even like Luann so why are they so concerned ? Oh yes , storyline 🙂
    Maybe she’s an idiot. Maybe she doesn’t care , LET IT GO already

    Rant over ! Love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hi Rain, I missed everyone while I was on vacation. I just had the time to check out the new website, wow. I hope you’re well and all is good with you and your family. I said many prayers and lit candles for all across Europe. Now onto the show. I don’t watch it, only the recaps. This group of woman are pathetic. Luann is so desperate to get married, she’ll marry anyone, Carol used to be a great journalist but has regressed into a teenager, Betheney is mean not witty, Sonja is lost, Ramona is disgusting, Dorinda is a closet lush, and the new girl is a deer in the headlights. What did a read about Erika J sharing a nude photo. That surprised me. If I looked like her, I would be in Playboy so I could get paid. Not a big deal. It’s a big deal if you’re a teenager showing your titties. Not a grown ass woman. I know you get that, Rain. Good to see your posts. More later. Love you.

      1. Mary !!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So lovely to see you xoxo
        I hope you enjoyed your vacation and had a lovely time 🙂 thank you for thinking about us and lighting candles for us , you’re so sweet ❤️
        I agree with most of your assessment about NY, I can’t seem to get into it (yet?) or maybe this is just a bad season . Who knows 🙂

        Erika did post a nude selfie but my personal opinion was that it was tongue in cheek and in playful reference to Rinnas nude selfie . I didn’t mind it , but of course I’m biased lol

        Hope you found everything ok at home and so glad to see you back here again ❤️❤️❤️

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