Colin Cowie Reveals How Much Kim Zolciak REALLY Owes For Her Wedding!

RadarOnline released a report saying that Kim Zolciak owed her wedding planner, Colin Cowie, $1,000,000 for her wedding that took place on 11-11-11. Now, Kim is taking to her Twitter to set the record straight! She tweeted, “Gosh I owe @colincowie a million dollars! I better get to work!! #thestoriespeoplewrite.”

However, Colin Cowie followed up with a Tweet revealing that Kim does indeed owe money for her wedding, just not as much as $1,000,000! “@Kimzolciak @colincowie — all stories and gossip — it’s not a million, it’s not $200k, it’s 20k. Let’s settle this with the truth!” he tweeted.

Photo Credit: Twitter