Claudia Jordan Talks About Her Relationship With Her Mother


Claudia Jordan is dishing about this week’s episode of RHOA in a new interview with Bravo. Claudia dishes about her relationship with her mother, her makeover with Cynthia Bailey and if she plans to have children in the future. Did you appreciate Cynthia setting up the makeover with Derek J or did you think it was a little shady?
Claudia Jordan: No, I didn’t think it was shady at all! I’m the first person to tell you I put very little effort into my hair and clothes. Half the time I’m just trying to get somewhere on time, and it’s just never been a priority to get overly dolled up. I have to be up at 5 am every morning for ONE of my jobs. I hit that snooze button more than a little bit trying to get an extra few minutes of sleep in before work. Then when I get to work sometimes we take photos with the guests and BUSTED! I look less than stellar and got caught out there! Or then I get a call that I have to be somewhere right after work. But my priority is getting to where I need to go. And yes, I know I can do so much better, and I have taken Cynthia, Kenya, and even Demetria’s advice and I do get a little better with it throughout the season. Just bear with me. I’m a tom boy in a glamorous field, so I’m finding my way. Sometimes I do think some folks are a little TOO hard on me. I’ve read some nasty comments about how I dress/look, and I’m like, “WOW!” It’s funny though, because you can’t tell me there haven’t been times that I got it right…but those times seem to go unnoticed. Oh well. Good thing I’ve really never been the type to let others’ opinions make or break me! Did your mom and grandmother enjoy the drag queen restaurant?
CJ: To my surprise not only did my family enjoy the drag show, but my mother let me know that she’s actually been to one before. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised! I’ve always known my mother to be extremely conservative, old fashioned, and pretty uptight, so this new revelation made me smile! As for Grandma Lillian, well, she can have fun anywhere…as long as she has a cigarette break! Are you hoping to have children?
CJ: Hmm, yes and no. I want children only if they are going to come with the entire package. Happy marriage to a great man would be my number one requirement. I’ve never felt my maternal urges kick in to the point that it was by any means necessary. I could not see myself doing it alone or without a partner by my side to help and share in the experience. I tip my hat to women that are strong enough to do so. I know for a fact that I simply am not built for it. I would be terrified. Now of course I’m aware that I could start out in a relationship and it could go sour leaving me to raise a child myself, but I really want to be as sure as I can before going down that route. Sometimes I think maybe motherhood just isn’t for me, because I would think at this age I’d be desperately craving to reproduce, and I am not. I am motivated when I’m in love. I have been there a couple of times, and those were the only times I contemplated creating a miracle of life out of love. But right now, no. Have you and your mother said I love you since your conversation?
CJ: No we have not uttered those words to each other still. I think we are both stubborn and set in our ways, and after 41 years it’s not just going to happen over night. I know she loves me to death, but we have a very weird relationship when it comes to showing affection. But you never know what the future holds!

BY THE WAY I DO NOT OWN A FLIP PHONE! I have seen so many memes and jokes online about that flip phone I was holding in my car when I picked up my grandmother and mother. I rolled up with an iPhone and left holding an old flip phone! I can’t remember if it was my mother’s or grandmother’s phone (I’m thinking granny), because I was showing one of them how to text and was just holding it in my hand. I thought that was so funny though, but I did have to clarify. Folks out here in these streets think I’m up to something with a “burner” phone. NO!

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4 Replies to “Claudia Jordan Talks About Her Relationship With Her Mother”

  1. Claudia is a very wise woman who obviously knows the pain of missing a father, so she takes it very seriously into consideration about having a child with two parents. I really admire her for her wisdom and her careful consideration about the subject. Too often the role of a father has been diminished to the detriment of the child. Good for you Clsudia, raising kids is hard enough with two parents, but yo willingly do it alone is selfish.

  2. I am at this point unable to connect with Claudia. She also made a comment about trapping a man by getting pregnant. I am hopeful it was a joke but it did leave a bad taste.

  3. I always appreciate natural beauty. Sometimes if you have it, a woman should feel confident being natural sometimes and also get glammed up!! But even Beyonce goes natural ND so does her sister Solange! !! Our skin needs a rest from all the wear and tear of make up, if you can go without it.. Claudia is refreshing for this season. #teamclaudia

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