Claudia Jordan Says Porsha Has Been Stank All Season


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is talking about her rift with Porsha Williams at the reunion in a new interview with Bravo. Jordan says she is not surprised Porsha tried to come for her, because she’s been stank all season. Claudia also throws some shade at Ms. Williams. Were you nervous going into your first reunion?
Claudia Jordan: Not at all! I was so looking forward to it. I thought there would be more drama and it would be more difficult for me, but it was a piece of cake. I thought everyone for the most part looked great in their all white outfits, and the set was amazing! Were you surprised Porsha came for you?
CJ: Absolutely not. She’s been quite stank all season. The last time I was surprised at her actions was when we met for lunch way back in the very beginning of the season, because up until a week prior, I thought we were cool enough. Not friends, BFFs, or besties, but cordial acquaintances. But when she kept doing little catty things, I saw what it was. Looking back I understand. I was the new girl, and when a new girl comes on the scene, not all the women will embrace new energy and new personalities; some will automatically feel threatened. I for one love meeting new women and making friends. I think there is nothing more powerful than a group of talented, beautiful, and intelligent women. Check out my Instagram and see the crew I roll with on the daily. It’s clear that I live by that. I’ve never been intimidated or jealous of any other women. I embrace my lovely friends, because I respect them and how they handle their business. I love meeting new people and look forward to learning new things from new acquaintances I make. So to be so closed minded about another person right out of the gate and create a “reason” for it after the fact is just dumb. But at this point, dumbness does not shock me nor does ignorance.

I do want to address one of the lies Ms. Williams told about me at the reunion. I never asked around town for the tea. Porsha started making it clear to the world she had an issue with me, even though I had no idea why. I then heard some completely unsolicited gossip from my friends, but I kept it under my hat — I mean it was juicy, but it was really none of my concern outside of gossip, and I certainly was not seeking it out. And it would have remained there forever had she had not become so nasty to me. At the end of the day, I don’t care what and whom that girl allows to enter her bat cave. But just keep it polite and cute towards me. Don’t get caught out there loudly running your mouth about me in hallways. Don’t be shady at work. Don’t make statements to NeNe slandering me and Kenya, talking about our legs being up in the air and criticizing us for not being married, then complain that folks are slandering you. It’s quite simple. And if you know in your real life how you get down, it might be in your best interest not to poke fun, egg on, and laugh at another woman being wrongly accused of doing what you do, because you might mess around and taunt someone that will get with you and spill your room-temperature tea. #DropsMic Are you going to continue to pursue stand-up?
CJ: Yes, I am. I actually did a show that Bravo recorded. They showed a brief snippet of it on the reunion, but I really wish they would show it all, because it was funny! I had a great reception from the audience, and a lot of the girls came to my show — Cynthia, Kenya, Demetria, and my best friend, Auta. Also most of the morning show came and supported me, and they all gave me props! It felt amazing. It was very empowering and exhilarating to be on that stage and see all those people in the audience cracking up and getting my sense of humor. I’ve already got some calls and requests for bookings just from people hearing that I want do stand up. I will keep you guys posted when I do some more shows!

Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ClaudiaJordan for all the updates on my career. I have been getting lots of bookings, hosting concerts for Ginuwine and Tank. Please check my Instagram for upcoming tour dates. Also I have two films coming out this year called The Hills and Love is Not Enough. I am in talks right now for a third movie to start filming in the fall. This past weekend I got the chance to catch up with a dear friend of mine that got me started in radio-Mr Jamie Foxx. His album drops on May 18th and we were there to support him at his album listening party. Just wanted to share some photos from all the fun times I’ve been having lately! Life is good and I am happy and feeling loved!

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21 Replies to “Claudia Jordan Says Porsha Has Been Stank All Season”

  1. Claudia is fake and prejudiced against black people who have dark skin –
    According to her own words
    ” She can only see beige people –
    people like herself ”

    Go Team Porsha –
    she is real and Not BORING like the
    Mean Girls Club :
    Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia & Claudia

    1. You do recall that NeNe commented on Claudia’s race by calling her a “half-breed” this season, right? And Phaedra and Porsha laughed over it? Right, a woman who is mocked over something like that would be “fake a prejudiced” against black people. Try again.

      Further, her feelings on Porsha are valid. You need to remember that it was during the early portions of filming where producers demoted Porsha as a supporting member of the cast, and promoted Claudia as a more prominent member (you can go back on this site and look at previous articles – where products have noted to loving her on camera and while filming). Given that, this would totally justify any reasoning on Porsha’s behalf to go against Claudia like she did, and rouse the interest of NeNe and Phaedra to make snarky commentary when really – they had no other reason to go against her. If it weren’t for Claudia, Porsha might still have a peach and more prominent time on camera.

  2. So jealous of strong Black woman doing positive things Why don’t you take yo tried stink ass claw feet back to hole you came out of Porsha the girl l don’t want you undercover freak

  3. Claudia is ridiculous and has NO storyline….. Has no $$$… Creates unnecessary conflict with Nene and Porsha ( this is her ONLY storyline). BRAVO will hopefully get rid of her soon!!!!!!!

  4. The comments here are sad, barely written in The English language, and clearly written by insecure and envious people with nothing better to do with their time. That said, we are all entitled to our opinions. I actually enjoyed seeing a new character, Claudia,, who is pleasant to look at, can speak and very well I might add, and can even face NeNe in a war of words without any sign of weakness. I know too, that she came into this Atlanta group without a warm welcome, based on all that was shown this season.
    When Porsha saw that she herself was not a full time housewife…peachless, though the pit stayed it seems, she felt very threatened by any newcomer. Whether an African married prince gave her very expensive presents or not, she wanted the recognition and income of Housewife status. Porsha has become, and I don’t usually say this, but she looks and acts very trashy…leaving nothing to the imagination. Her looks have been her only asset, and she had the help of a plastic surgeon for new assets as well, yet her intelligence and common sense are so lacking. I bet if you asked her what her famous grandfather actually did or about his own parents, you would know more than she does. She is clueless.
    Claudia is half white Italian, and considered black by most. She is witty, beautiful and not from the south….all negative with this group, but is nothing negative about that. Why are so many so prejudiced? Most blacks in the US have some white or even Native American in them, etc. This is America..the melting pot, and only the ignorant can make comments about race, as if one is better than the other. We all have what we are born into…It is called The Human Race! Have your own DNA checked. You will be surprised where you come from. Even Italians average maybe 70 percent Italian. The rest may be Western Asian, English, Swedish, or elsewhere.
    I know I will probably receive backlash for this from those who feel offended by my opinion. It had to be said. It is a shame that an intelligent beautiful woman (color is irrelevant) is so envied by others. I imagine Claudia is as tough as she is and so quick with the comebacks because she grew up being treated unfairly by the ignorant masses who harbor great prejudices. I can see her own mother has dealt with it, having married a black man in Italy and having to comes to America to another different world. Claudia is lucky to have her grandmother and those who stand by her, since you really have to be strong to deal with the backlash when you are on reality TV. Best of luck, Claudia, if you read this. Ciao for now.

    1. Color really doesn’t matter. A mean girl is a mean girl is a mean girl no matter their color. Many people have suffered similar (or much worse) problems in this world without becoming mean spirited and spiteful and without the ever present need Claudia seems to have to belittle others. She may be right on occasion, but a compassionate person understands that not everything needs to be said and you don’t need to be in your face or backing you out of a room to be heard. She’s a war monger when many in the cast deserve peace.

    2. What does any of that have to do with the show, grammar or the English language? I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and have grown fond of the cast. I appreciate all of the ladies that allow us into their lives every season. That’s difficult in the best siutation.

      Your post is very negative and presumptuous but I don’t consider you to be anything. I highly doubt anyone posting considers themselves insecure or envious etc…. I believe we (Myself included) just don’t understand Claudia’s position on the show (neither House nor wife, neither Atlanta Peach nor mother). I don’t understand women that honestly believe because others don’t automatically jump up and kiss their tails and sing their praises – it that makes them “envious, jealous & hating.” Maybe just once people can accept responsibility that “THEY” are the problem.

      Maybe you are different but I believe all of the women are beautiful. None more than the other but there are preferences. Noone is perfect and they ALL have their OWN personalities and flaws. Porsha is Porsha. She has a life all her own. She seems happy and content. She hasn’t tried to push herself into anyone’s life or force her importance. She appears to be comfortable being herself She also appears to knows who her friends are and she’s opens up for those she feels comfortable with. Claudia gave the appearance of desperation and maybe that came from trying to fit it and being new on the show. That would work for Cynthia because she just seems desperate to have a friend and forge closeness for the sake of the show. Porshas seems more comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t allow people in easily – which is a trait she probably gained from her life experiences.

      I have my favorites but nothing would cause me to put others down for commenting on this page. That was rude and uncalled for someone with your education and language ability.

      1. FYI, my opinion has nothing to do with you, but rather with the nonsensical posts above mine that are riddled with prejudice. I did say that we are all entitled to our opinions, but the beige comments…Well, there is a lot of color being thrown around, and no one should be judged by the color of their skin…and if you look at pictures, you will see her in many hues..whether it is a tan or photoshop…it is irrelevant. There are people who hate her because she is biracial…or so it seems by what I am reading.
        You are entitled to your opinions, and I am entitled to mine. I have never been as appalled to write a comment that In any way critiqued any others’ posts before, and I do not critique yours. I will never speak in defense of Porsha, and it is based on her behavior and mean spirited words…not just her lack of intelligence. I did not say that Claudia was perfect, either; only that she was not even given a chance and she reacted…probably from years of comments like those above, before mine. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger.

        I actually took time off from watching this show because of all the mean girl behavior. I won’t join in and react in a similar manner to defend my words either. I knew there would be haters of my comments, and you have certainly proven that. What makes you any different when you criticize my words. I wish you well. Have a nice day. Ciao. Eat a peach and enjoy the weather. Smile. It helps. 🙂

          1. Claudia was making a joke. If she was darker and she said, I only see the beige people in the audience…it would be laughed at…. Everyone would laugh if it wasn’t coming from a lighter skinned black woman. She is actually quite witty and funny, but I see that many would be offended with it coming from her…because of how she said it. Yet she said at another time,
            “I was definitely made fun of as a child for being biracial. And it was very hurtful because it came from my black side and my white side. Why am I not considered black enough because my mom is from Italy?”
            Oh, and if she made fun of the lighter skinned people, that would get more than a few laughs. She should never try that one again. Color and humor work at times for some…but only if they are not light. It is the world we live in…worse with every year instead of better in my opinion and I have lived more than a few. I try to understand a person from their point of view. Many hate just to hate rather than try to bridge gaps and get along, sadly.

            I still stand by my words. She is judged by her her skin too much. If she uses self-deprecating humor, that is taken the wrong way by some. Maybe she should check her audience the next time before she opens her mouth.

            I won’t respond any more on this topic. I am not a hater of anyone, even the characters I don’t like, I don’t hate. I just don’t like when people are treated unfairly. I don’t like when Claudia picks on someone out of the blue either. No one is perfect, we are all unique, and if we all looked the same, this would be one boring world.

  5. ITA, Sandy. I like Claudia and hope she returns. I also hope Nene and her posse du jour (Porsha and Phaedra) do not. Nene is obviously too good for Bravo. She tells us all that every time she announces loudly and proudly that she doesn’t care what the fans or Andy or anyone thinks of her vain, egotistical, and arrogant behavior. Porsha is a sham, she is shallow and stupid…and there is nothing authentic about her or her new lifestyle. She needs to check herself before she wrecks herself. Phaedra is living a lie. She has never been honest on the show, from the due date of her first son to the illegal activities of her repeat offender husband, she is a hypocrite and a liar….and I don’t care to watch her bob and weave her way through another season. I think the reception given Claudia by these 3 women was rough. I don’t think she is boring, I think she just never had a chance to really introduce herself. I also think the bi-racial storyline is interesting and she has something important to say about it and I would like to hear it.

    1. Well put. ITA with all you’ve said. NeNe let all of her fame go to her head, and she feels like she is the queen bee…and her holier than thou attitude and demands are getting old. I agree about Phaedra and her lies too. She is sneaky and not real…a for the camera persona that is phony. It is a mean girls club with that group. No welcome mat for Claudia from them.

  6. I’m not a fan of Claudia not because I’m “team anyone” I just do not like her and think she is a drama queen. That being said most of these ladies are, however her actions at the saving our sons turned me off.

  7. Clawdia is one messed up female she says she was abused because of her color, I believe it was because of herself, she’s a mean girl. Don’t tell her anything personal because she will use it against you if she gets pissed at you. She really needs to do something about those disgusting feet and get a storyline. I find her BORING

  8. Here’s what it boils down to for me: when I am able to read a headline regarding her that doesn’t also include porsha or nene’s name then I will take her seriously. I appreciate that the comments above someone finally explained a part of her storyline that didn’t involve porsha. I do agree the biracial stuff is interesting but it’s too bad she spent her screen time talking about others than focusing on that interesting aspect of herself.

  9. Did she even say one word during part 2 of the reunion? I’ve watched it twice now and I swear she doesn’t have a word to say. I just keep thinking what is she doing on this show. Did she really did a peach because she got into it with nene once? She isn’t the worst HW ever. But she doesn’t seem to fit.

  10. Claudia came in as Kenya’s friend & then chummed up with Cynthia–both negative, awful humans. Two marks against her from the start. She has tried too hard all season to fit in, trying very hard with each & all to reach out, be friendly, to no avail. Maybe she tried too hard. Also, her choice of friends did not help much. Why she’s part of the housewives of Atlanta is still a mystery to all. What we do know is that right now she is a misfit. The next season will hopefully reveal more. I wish her luck.

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