Claudia Jordan Claims Porsha Williams Confessed About African Prince To Her


During the first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Porsha Williams appeared to battle it out with Claudia Jordan. She made shocking allegations that her ex-husband Kordell Stewart cheated on her and denied ever being with an African Prince.

When Andy asked Porsha if she had dated an African prince, she explained, “It was a complete lie. Claudia knows nothing about my personal life whatsoever.”

Andy points out that NeNe and Kandi have alluded to Porsha’s mystery man on the show as well. “I didn’t allude to anything,” NeNe quips.

Porsha continued, “Trust me, there are some gorgeous Africans in Atlanta. If I would like to date one, I’ll do that. There’s some gorgeous Asians, you know whoever, hispanics, whoever I’m single and fabulous and can date who I want. My thing with Claudia was saying that I dated a married man, which goes against my morals.”

“I was married and in my relationship I didn’t know I was being cheated on until afterwards,” Porsha claims. “After the fact I found out there were some things that had happened in my marriage, yes.”

“As a former journalist, I will not bring up things that I don’t know to be true,” Claudia says. “In the Philippines you actually confessed when we were all drinking. We all went out to the club, you said, “I’m glad you didn’t say this other one, because that’s someone I’ve been holding out for for two years,’ that is married. We’re not going to same names, sweetheart, but there was more than one person around, so please don’t backtrack now that you have all this virtue and character. Mind you it was after a few drinks, but you told me.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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7 Replies to “Claudia Jordan Claims Porsha Williams Confessed About African Prince To Her”

  1. That Claudia needs to be concernd that she has no man it must be because of her feet disgusting! Then what Porsha or Phedra or Nene have going on in thier lives

  2. Last night was a waste of my time. Couldn’t understand half of what these “ladies” we’re saying because they were trying to out shout each other. Disgusting.

  3. It has not ever been an acceptable thing to all talk at the same time. Lack of class & training. And, why does Claudia push so much through everyone’s buisiness? Does she view herself as the head leader of peace? She ought to stick with her cohorts, scums of the earth, Cynthia & Kenya.

  4. Claudia needs to get a postive story line or off the show. What is her purpose? What did she bring to the show? Why is she there? Not from Atlanta? Not married? No kids? Why is she there and with a peach no less?

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