Claudia Jordan Addresses Sex Tape Rumors


Just days after NeNe Leakes accused her of being promiscuous, Claudia Jordan’s ex is revealing that she made a XXX sex tape with him, and he’ll sue her if she releases it. Joel Randell claims that he and Jordan filmed a raunchy romp in a hotel room in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in December 2013 with her iPad.

“There are three separate tapes of one particular evening,” Randell told RadarOnline, noting that each was about 10 minutes long. He claimed that he watched them with Jordan afterward, but that she never gave him a copy of their filmed explicit acts.

“After the reported ‘robbery’ of her laptop from her car last week, it became clear to me that Claudia is likely planning to leak the tapes,” Randell alleged. “The car break-in was staged. She would never in a million years leave her laptop in her car unattended. She’s on her laptop constantly, and she has way too much personal information on it. She’s probably planning to leak it to bolster her storyline on RHOA.”

“If the tapes are leaked, or even if screen grabs with images of me come out, I’m suing Claudia AND the outlet who posts them for defamation,” he warned.

We just reported a blind gossip item that stated a Housewife was planning to launch a sex tape.

Joel Randell via Twitter
Joel Randell via Twitter

After the story broke, Claudia took to Twitter, writing, “Dear Parasite… my laptop was stolen… NOT my iPad… tread lightly. Don’t get yourself arrested… again.”

She added, “Here come the parasites…. trying to eat off their host… like clockwork.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter


10 Replies to “Claudia Jordan Addresses Sex Tape Rumors”

  1. I love Claudia. I don’t’ know if she did a sex tape and I don’t care.
    If she did, I’d watch her and Joel, no problem. They are both hot….just saying 🙂

  2. I doubt it’d get much of an audience. She’s not such a star that ppl would be lining up to get this so called 10 min sex tape.

  3. Claudia said according to her own words
    ” She can only see beige – people like herself.”

    Claudia is prejudiced against black people who have dark skin.

  4. Oh! He is a “parasite” but you allowed that same parasite to lie down with you WITHOUT protection. So if he is a “parasite”,what does that make you?


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