Chuck Smith Says Phaedra Parks Was Always “The Ugly Duckling”


Former NFL player Chuck Smith dropped a bomb on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when he claimed Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss were among the many women he courted during his prime. After Kandi blasted Chuck, saying they were most definitely in a serious relationship, Chuck is backtracking for the harsh things he said about Burruss and Parks.

“I should have talked about them (Phaedra and Kandi) in a different way,” Smith told Gossip Extra. “And I should’ve given my wife a little more information about them. It’s just unfortunate I got caught in this situation.”

But Smith continues to say he had a fling with Kandi because “she was nice” and “her momma cooked good food,” and talked about his sexual relationship with southern belle  Phaedra Parks.

“Phaedra was just the ugly duckling from the sixth grade,” he said. “It’s unfortunate she got caught up in this.”

“But we were in a lifestyle of entertainment,” Smith says. “I had four girls in every corner of the stadium.”

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5 Replies to “Chuck Smith Says Phaedra Parks Was Always “The Ugly Duckling””

  1. Wow, just wow!!!

    When you think this guy can’t get lower, he somehow manages… Why talk nasty/trashy about your previous marriages and exes is beyond me, I guess everyone is doing it (Porsha, Bettheny, Brandi…)

  2. He is PATHETIC! He just can NOT stop talking about these ladies. The more he speaks, the more disgusting he comes off…if this is his PR firms way of doing damage control – they are ripping him off.

  3. This thing is a PIG. I cannot call him a “man”– if this is the way he speaks of an ‘ex’, I can’t imagine what he would call his wife if she ever splits up with him. I hope he doesn’t have daughters. Men who speak ill of women in general usually are lousy sons, brothers, uncles ,husbands and fathers.

    *Phadera is much more a looker than this pigs’ wife. lol

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